How to make chocolate roses

How to make chocolate roses

Chocolate is a popular treat and used often for special occasion. Chocolate roses look beautiful and give a rich look to desserts and treats. You do not have to be a professional to dress up your baking with chocolate roses. They are quite easy to make using a chocolate clay. It takes only two ingredients and a small amount of time. There really is no artistic talent needed and almost anyone can make the perfect chocolate rose. Simply follow the recipe and directions for a pretty chocolate rose you can use to decorate desserts or by themselves as a special gift.

Chocolate clay

10 oz semisweet chocolate chips
1/3 cup corn syrup

Melt the chocolate on low heat or in a double boiler until it is smooth. Do not let the temperature get above 100 degrees F or the chocolate can scorch.
Add in the corn syrup. Mix until the shiny syrup can not be seen and a rough dough is formed.
Pour onto a waxed paper-lined sheet and spread out with a spatula to a 1/2 inch thickness. Let it sit for two hours, uncovered.

To make the chocolate rose:

Knead the clay until soft and roll into balls. The size of the ball will determine the size of the rose. For small roses use small balls, for large roses use large balls.
Flatten the balls into disks with the top side getting gradually thinner.
Take one disk and make it into a cone shape with the larger bottom and rounded smaller tip. this is the center of the rose.

  • Wrap another disk around the bottom of the cone with the thicker part wrapped against the bottom of the cone. The thinner side should not touch the tip. You should now have what looks like a small rosebud.
  • Keep adding disks in this manner until you have completed the rose. You can slightly bend the thin tops down to create a more realistic petal look.

Put any unused clay in a sealed container and keep at room temperature. The clay keeps up to one month.

This simple recipe is an alternative to using icing. In bakeries, they use an icing bag, flat tip, and a small metal pedestal for making chocolate roses for decorating desserts. The baker turns the pedestal between there fingers as they pipe icing steadily onto it. The turning motion allows for the same wrapping effect as you would get with the clay.

The completed rose is then removed with a knife and placed on the dessert. This method is also quite simple, but the tools needed may not be easily obtained for home use. In addition, it can be a messy process, harder to learn and these roses can only be used on dessert, not separately.

You can be very creative with this recipe, making whole roses or stopping early for rosebuds. You control the size of the rose with both the amount of clay used and how many wraps you make. These chocolate roses will quickly become a favorite.

You can be a hit at the next family gathering with a beautiful cake decorated in chocolate roses or make up a batch and stick them on skewers to create a chocolate bouquet for Mothers Day. You can create leaves with green icing, a decorator bag, and a decorative tip. The simple method and low cost are an invitation to just give chocolate roses a try.

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