How to make chocolate espresso candles

How to make chocolate espresso candles


You are going to be making a container candle, and since this is a chocolate espresso candle, what better container than a cappuccino mug? There are a few different ways to decorate the outside of the mug. Find a large wide-rimmed mug, and coat the outside with glue. Cover the outside of the mug with whole coffee beans. Since coffee beans are rounded, there will be small gaps between them, so grind some coffee, and sprinkle the grounds onto the outside of the mug to fill in the gaps. You could also vary this decorating technique by using beans from different types of coffee.

Espresso and French Roast beans are very dark and shiny, whereas Mocha Java or Breakfast Blend beans are a lighter shade of brown and more matte. You could make alternating rings around the perimeter of your mug, switching between dark and light beans, or you could even form shapes with the dark and light beans. To write words out of beans, start by gluing on dark beans to form the letters, and then surround the word or words with dark bean coffee grounds, and surround the grounds with dark beans. Consider writing CHOCOLATE or MOCHACCINO or write the name of the person who you are making the candle for if it is going to be a gift.

If it is a holiday present, you might write something like SANTA or CHRISTMAS. You could also take a different approach to decorate the mug, and use aluminum foil on the outside of the mug. With aluminum foil, you can create a variety of decorative looks, such as a woven look, a modern and sleek look, or a cookie-cutter look. For the woven look, measure the height of your mug, and cut three pieces of aluminum foil to that height, and wide enough to wrap around the mug. Cut one of the pieces of foil into width-wise strips, and another piece into length-wise strips.

On a flat surface, lay the length-wise strips beside each other in a row. Take one of the width-wise strips and weave it across the row of length-wise strips (over the first strip, under the next, over the third, etc.), and repeat the process with all the width-wise strips so that you have a woven sheet of aluminum foil once you have gone done the entire length-wise row.

Next, glue the woven sheet to your unused sheet of aluminum foil, and glue that sheet, woven side out, onto your mug. For a modern and sleek look, skip the weaving, and just smooth a piece of aluminum foil onto the outside of the mug with glue, either shiny or matte side out depending on your preference. For a cookie-cutter look, cut shapes out of a piece of aluminum foil that is cut to the size of the outside of the mug. You could cut out words, hearts, stars, or just some random shapes.

Mount the piece of foil onto your mug with glue, and the base color of your mug will fill in the shapes that you cut out of the foil. To spice up any of the foil designs, you can glue scattered or patterned whole coffee beans onto your foil as well. The aluminum will remind you of chocolate bars or chocolate kisses and the coffee beans will represent the espresso flavor of your candle.


Buy three long wicks. The reason you are going to need three instead of just one is that the mug you are filling is large, so you will want to have three wicks spread out in the mug. Tie the bottoms of your wicks to the bottom spoon-part of a metal spoon. Place the spoon into the mug. To hold the wicks out of the mug while you make the candle, tie the wicks to a popsicle stick, and place the popsicle stick on top of the rims of the mug.

Tie each wick about an inch apart. Anchoring your wicks onto a spoon creates a nice decorative look for your chocolate espresso candle, and it also is a functional alternative for keeping the wicks in the bottom of a container.


At your local craft store, pick up some pre-blended wax that doesn’t require any additives. Melt the wax in a double boiler until it is completely smooth. A good temperature range is between 170 and 180 degrees. Next, add 4 tablespoons of strong freshly-brewed coffee, and 2 tablespoons of ground espresso or French Roast coffee beans. Next, add some chocolate fragrance oil. To finish the blend, add some brown dye.

Pour the melted mixture into your mug, leaving at least one inch of space from the rim of the mug. Clean out your double boiler, and then add a little more pre-blended wax to the double boiler and melt the wax. Add 1 tablespoon of strong brewed coffee and a few drops of chocolate fragrance oil. Do not add any dye to this mixture. Pour into your mug until it is almost completely filled.


To create a frothed milk look, like on a cappuccino, use a toothpick or fork to scratch the surface of the candle. This will create the appearance of texture. To keep the scratched wax in place, melt it very slightly. Scratching the surface will also release some fragrance so that the candle has a strong chocolate-espresso scent before it is even lit!

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