How to make chair leg floor protectors

How to make chair leg floor protectors

After laying new linoleum or hardwood floors in your kitchen you’ll do anything to protect them. Don’t let your kitchen chairs tear or scratch your beautiful floor. Make chair leg covers for the very bottom part of the legs. You’ll eliminate the problem and give your chairs a cute new look. A quick and easy way to make the leg covers is to buy four identical tiny stuffed animals to use.

The animal should be one that stands on four legs or lays on its tummy rather than one that stands upright on two legs. This part is important because you’ll be cutting the back off of the animal for the insertion of the legs. After cutting a section from the back remove the stuffing. Hem around the opening and insert chair legs. The stuffed animals make very cute chair leg covers and are extremely quick and easy.

Other things can be used instead of a stuffed animal. A pincushion is a good example. Purchase four pincushions and cut off the tops. Remove the stuffing and hem the edges. For openings that are too large for the chair leg simply stitch in a narrow piece of elastic around the top edge. Other things you can use are small doll pillows, hacky-sack balls, or even tennis balls. Just cut a portion off of the top and slide in the leg.

To make your own chair leg slipcovers use a very heavy fabric like denim, felt or faux fur. You only need a small piece to do all four legs of one chair. Cut circles about 4″ in diameter. Hem the circle by folding fabric under a quarter inch then once again. Stitch around the hem.

Place an eight-inch elastic strip next to the edge and stitch around. When you make these kinds of covers they’re very simple but looking downward at them you will be able to barely view the elastic piece. The exception is if you’re using white elastic on white fabric or black on black.

The way to prevent the elastic being seen is to hide it within the hem. As you begin to sew the hem around the circle lay the elastic just next to the edge of the fabric. Fold fabric slightly over the elastic then turn once, elastic and all. This hides the elastic but is a little more difficult to sew. Stitch an inch or so then stop to tuck the fabric around the next portion of elastic. Continue in this manner until you have the elastic sewn all the way around the edge.

The covers can be made in so many different ways. Use fabric paints to paint on a face or another design. Use yarn, felt, and other craft supplies to make the covers look like tiny animals. You can decorate them like small chubby people or just make them to match your kitchen curtains.

To make people or animal-shaped ones just cut two circles for each leg, stuff the circles somewhat, then sew inelastically. This will make the people seem chubbier and animals easier to shape.

To make people

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