How to make capiz shell wind chimes

How to make capiz shell wind chimes

Capiz shells are often used for making wind chimes.

These beautiful shells create a melodious tone unlike any other, and they have a natural pearl-like sheen that brilliantly captures all the colors of the spectrum. When caught by a breeze, a capiz shell wind chime will shimmer, shine, and produce a pleasant sound. Capiz shell wind chimes can be quite costly, but you can easily make one for a fraction of what retail stores charge.

To make a capiz shell wind chime you will need at least 32 capiz shells, heavy-duty clear fishing line, scissors, heavy-gauge craft wire, wire cutters, and an empty metal key ring. You will also need an electric drill, a 1/16 inch drill bit, a block of scrap wood, a quart-size canning jar, a jar or other round container with a larger diameter, and a spool of heavy twine in a color of your choice. Additional assorted shells are optional.

Begin by placing a block of scrap wood on your work surface. Use the wood as a protective base for drilling holes in the capiz shells. Once the wood is in place, drill the first hole using a 1/16-inch drill bit. Make a hole about ÂĽ inch from the edge of each capiz shell. It’s a good idea to have extra capiz shells to replace those that crack or break during the drilling process. If you decide to use additional shells for your wind chime, if necessary, drill holes in those shells as well. Drill slowly to avoid cracking the shells.

Now you need to make wire forms for the wind chime. Measure and cut a piece of heavy-duty craft wire that will fit around a quart-size canning jar. After cutting off the piece of wire with a pair of wire cutters, use the jar as a mold. Wrap the wire around the jar, and twist it at the ends to secure them. Carefully remove the wire form from the jar. Make a larger wire form by wrapping the additional wire around a larger jar or container. Cut off the wire at the appropriate length, and twist the ends to secure them. Carefully remove the wire form from the jar or container. You now have two-wire forms in which to hang shells.

Connect the two-wire forms by cutting off four 6-inch pieces of heavy-duty twine. Equally space and tie the twine to the smallest wire form. Tie double knots so the twine is securely attached to the wire. Tie the dangling pieces of twine to the larger wire form. Equally, space the twine as you tie on each piece. Trim the ends if necessary so they are exactly the same lengths.

Make a hanger for your capiz shell wind chime by threading a metal key ring through an 8-inch long piece of twine. Tie the twine to opposite sides of the smallest wire form.

Cut off pieces of heavy-duty fishing line to an approximate length of 12 inches each. Cut off as many pieces as necessary for the number of shells you plan on using for your wind chime. Tie the pieces of fishing lines to the shells, and begin tying them to the wire forms. It will be easier to tie the fishing line to the wire forms if the wind chime is hanging from a hook or cabinet knob. Tie on as many shells as you like to the top wire tier. When you have completed the top tier of the wind chime, tie on enough shells to fill the bottom tier.

Hang your finished capiz shell wind chime either outdoors or indoors where it will catch a breeze. You’ll enjoy the melodious sound it produces, and you’ll appreciate the beautiful natural colors of the shells.

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