How to make candles with bead wax

How to make candles with bead wax

Beard wax is exactly what it sounds like – small beads of wax that are available in different colors and scents for your candle making needs. Beard wax is easy to use and convenient to work with. There are two basic ways to use bead wax – melt it or add it whole to another melted wax to create a colorful design.

First of all, bead wax can be melted the same as any other wax and used in the same manner. The benefit comes from the ease of the use of the wax in granular form. Bead wax (and all other waxes), should be melted in some type of double boiler on low heat. An old coffee can in a pot of water is ideal. Plus, the coffee can may be thrown out after you are done using it, making clean up relatively easy. With bead wax, you can make more precise measurements than you can when using large chunks of wax that have to be cut apart.

Measure out the amount of bead wax you need and melt it in the coffee can (or double boiler of your choice). Pour the melted wax into molds, or use it in the manner you normally would. The second way you can use bead is to keep it in bead form and add it to a second already melted wax. In order to do this correctly, the melted wax must be cooled enough not to melt the beaded wax so the beads maintain their shape, and the colors don’t run and smear. We will call the wax you melt the base wax.

Melt the base wax in your coffee can or double boiler and let it cool until it starts to thicken slightly. Stir in the bead wax and quickly pour into molds or jars. This must be done very fast as once the wax begins to harder, it will get lumpy and difficult to work with. You can make beautiful festive candles using this method.

Here are some ideas to try for yourself:

For Christmas and Yule candles, use a white base wax with red and green bead wax. To make your New Year’s Eve party candles festive, try a white base wax with black and red bead wax or pink and purple bead wax. Celebrate the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day with different combinations of green, white and yellow waxes. For Easter, use pastels.

The Fourth of July calls for red, white and blue — of course. At Halloween, make candles from combinations of orange, black and purple. Thanksgiving candles can be made from orange, yellow and brown. There are all kinds of special events you can make custom candles for.

Use different color combinations to create your own unique look. Generally, however, the bead wax colors will show up better and brighter if placed in a base wax of color lighter than they are. You also need to be careful of how much bead wax you use – too little and the colors won’t show up, too much and the candle may have holes and gaps. No more than 60% of the candle should be beads – you may try more, but you may also find the results to be disappointing.

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