How to make candles on sticks

How to make candles on sticks

Candles on sticks are an interesting way to make candles and a new idea for candle presentation. The most common use for candles on a stick is to add them to floral arrangements as an extra gift.

There are different ways of making these candles depending on the type of candle you want to make. You would not put heavy or really wide candles on a stick they won’t stand up very well and honestly, they just wouldn’t look right.

For starters, you will need candle molds and wax. Follow the instructions and make a candle as normal. Let it cool and harden and remove the candle from the mold. Your candle is now ready to be put on a stick. You will need thin wooden dowels (available at your local craft store). You will also need a metal dowel the same size an easy alternative to this is a metal knitting needle. You will also need an oven mitt and a flame such as the burner of a gas stove.

With the oven mitt on, heat the knitting needle in the flame. When it is hot, press it into the bottom of your candle near the wick area so it is centered. You should make the hole about 1 1 ½ inches deep (depending on the size of your candle). Roll the needle around in the hole to make it smooth and melted completely. You may have to remove the needle, scrape off any wax stuck to it, and reheat it the needle a couple of times to get the hole deep enough. When the hole is complete, insert the wooden dowel.

You can also use this method for other candles, such as floaters. The size of the candle will dictate to you how deep to make the hole. You can make a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed candle roses by using rose floater candles. Paint the stems (sticks) green and using a hot glue gun, attach plastic or paper leaves. You can also make candles on sticks using candy molds the kind for suckers and lollipops. The problem with this method is getting the wick in the right place.

The easiest way to do this is to make the candle just as you would the candy. Put the stick in the holder and pour melted wax into the mold. Let the wax cool and harden and then remove it from the mold. Use the same method to melt a hole through the wax for the wick that you did for the stick in the other candles listed above. Make sure you use something metal that is not much thicker than the wick. Insert the wick and place a metal wick holder on the flat side of the candle. Pour a very small amount of melted was into the hole to seal the wick into place. Trim the wick to an ½ inch.

Finally, you can make candles on sticks by dipping. In this method wrap the wick around the wooden dowel to hold it in place. Tie the ends of the wick to the stick if necessary to hold it still. For this type of candle, you need a lot of melted wax in a tall narrow container coffee cans to work well. Dip the stick into the melted max, remove, and let it cool.

Continue doing this until the candle is the thickness you want. Let it harden until firm (preferably overnight). Pull the dowel out and fill the hole that is left with a slow drip of melted wax to seal it off. As the wax cools, it shrinks, so you may have to fill the hole several times. Make sure to only add a little at a time so as to not cause any part of the hardened candle to soften. When the hole is filled and cooled, trim the wick to the desired length.

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