How to make cafe curtains

How to make cafe curtains

Cafe curtains are a wonderful compliment to your kitchen. They cover the window partially, allowing sunlight to show through. These instructions are for looped curtains, since they seem to move with ease along the rod and are a homeowner’s favorite.

You can purchase material for your curtains in any fabric store or discount store that sells fabric. If your window measures 63 inches wide as an example, always buy three times the width of material. So you will want your curtain to be 189 inches wide. This is to allow for fullness and makes the curtain more attractive on the window if done right.

To make the loops for your curtains, cut strips of fabric 4 inches wide and long enough to go around the rod. Decide how many loops you want, according to the width of the material and window.

After you have measured the window, lay the material flat on a table and cut the material three times the width of the window. Now with a sewing machine, fold the material over on top 3 inches, making sure the raw edge is tucked under 1/2 inch before sewing. You can do the tucking while sewing if you are an advanced sewer. If not, you might want to consider pinning the material 1/4 inch under and then sew the top.

Now take your loops and sew them one by one on the back of the curtain on top, making sure they are all uniform in placing them on the material.

Take each end of the curtain on the right and left, and make the same 1/4 inch hem. Sew with the sewing machine.

For these curtains you will need round curtain rods. You can buy them in all different diameters. Install the rods and hang the curtains. Then pin the bottom hem. I find this is easier as you can make sure they hang straight. Then remove the curtain and sew the bottom hem.

Now call over the neighbors and brag about the curtains you just made!

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