How to make  birdhouse in your own backyard

Watching birds is such a beautiful and relaxing pastime. Watching them in your own backyard is a serenity like you’ve never known. And when you have a birdhouse birds will come. More birdhouses – more birds.

If one birdhouse simply isn’t enough to suit your bird-loving home try building a compound birdhouse. The complex will consist of several houses put together along with several openings for birds to come and go. Birdhouses made of wood are best for the project since you can drill holes and connect them. Ceramic and other birdhouses can still be put together, though, and made into a complex.

Arrange the birdhouses on a table to get an idea of how you want the compound to look. One large house in back with a couple of small ones in the front? A large, medium, then small one? Maybe a row of similarly shaped ones? Use as many as you want and decide on the design. After settling on the arrangement it’s time to drill some holes.

Use a keyhole saw which works with a drill to make round holes in the birdhouses. Mark the back or side of one birdhouse where it aligns with another. Mark the second one as well, right where the two meet or near each other. Drill the holes and push the houses back together once again. There will probably be a gap between the two holes and you’ll need something to fill the gap.

Round wooden napkin rings glued together make a nice little tunnel but you can make a temporary one out of bathroom tissue or a paper towel roll. The birds will usually peck at the tube and it will eventually need to be replaced. Other round tubular objects can be used to connect the houses, such as a piece of hose. Glue the outer edge of the hose to the inside edge of the hole and connect. Glue or nail the houses together or spread the houses further apart with the tubes running between them for a very unique look.

Finding the exact center so that you can hang the complex can be tricky. A better way to finish the project is to cut a hole in a square of wood which is large enough to hold the entire complex. Glue a pole inside the hole and allow it to dry. Now glue or nail the birdhouses onto the wood piece and place the pole in the ground with cement.

If you’ll be using the wood and pole method it’s not necessary to nail or glue the houses altogether. Allow the wood to be slightly larger than the complex so the birds have a place to stand. Use a similar size piece of hard plastic or wood to make a roof over the project. Nail it to the tallest birdhouse. Fill houses with food.

Using the pole you can make the birdhouse several levels. Drill a hole in one piece of wood and slide it down the pole then securing it with glue or nails. Now slide the next piece of wood on and so forth until you have as many levels as you wish.

Using the pole

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