How to make bed skirts

Bed skirts make a great accent for any bedroom and are so easy to make. Bed skirts can be a great way to hide those dust bunnies that live under the bed, fitness equipment, and seasonal clothing that must be stored. A bed skirt fits between the mattress and box springs and covers the box springs while draping to about an inch above the floor. The skirt usually has a flared look and a draping appearance, hence the name. It is also commonly called a dust ruffle or bed valance because the finished product usually has a ruffled appearance and hangs like a valance.

To make your own bed skirt, you will need:

-Fabric that is suitable for the drop of the skirt. You can purchase fabric that matches your decor or a simple fabric that will complement your carpet and drapes.

-Inexpensive fabric for the lining. The lining is what lies between the mattress and box springs.

-Thread that matches your fabric choice.

Step 1: Measure

Take your mattress off the bed. Measure the length and width of your box springs. Add 1.5 inches to each to allow for the seams. Measure the drop of the bed so that you can determine how wide your fabric that drops from the box spring to the floor should be. Add two inches to the seam and hem allowance.

Step 2: Cut and sew your fabric

Your lining will be the width and length of your box springs plus 1.5 inches. Piece your fabric together with pens to achieve these dimensions and then sew at the seams. Your lining is now complete. A gathered skirt will need twice the amount of fabric as you measured for the length and width to accommodate the fullness of the skirt. To make the fabric easier to handle, do not join the panels together until you have finished the gathers. When the gathers are done, you will join the panels at the seams.

You should turn up and pin a half-inch hem on the bottom of each drop piece before you do the gathers. The hem should be ½ inch. Press the hems and machine stitch. To make gathers, work two rows of gathering (long) stitches at the top edge of each panel approximately two inches from the top. Pull the gathering strings to form the gathers and tie off tightly to avoid unraveling.

After you have formed all your gathers, join the panels together at the edges with a machine stitch. The panels can now be joined to the lining. Use a flat felled seam to join the lining to the panels because they will be tugged and pulled and this will be needed for added strength. Your bed skirt is now complete. Lay the skirt over the box springs and replace the mattress.

Tips: Be sure to wash your fabric before measuring, cutting and sewing to allow for any shrinkage. Also, try to choose a fabric that compliments the room and will coordinate with seasonal comforter changes.


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