How to make beautiful hand-painted wine glasses

How to make beautiful hand-painted wine glasses

Many people feel that gifts with a personal touch mean so much more than gifts that required little thought. Even more special are gifts that your loved one created especially for you. A wonderful gift for adults is hand-painted wine glasses. These are not only useful but also nice to display as a decoration. Variations to the wine glass idea will be presented later in this article.

Supplies you will need:

*Clear wine glasses – These do not need to be expensive wine glasses. Consider looking at your local craft store or closeout store for inexpensive glassware.
*Paint made for decorating glass – Most craft stores have this type of paint in stock in a variety of colors. Carefully read the label to make sure the paint is made especially for glass and can be set by heating the glassware in an oven.
*Paint brushes – Small to medium brushes work well for most designs. Either soft or firm bristles may be used depending upon your preference.
*Clip art – Unless you are skilled at freehand drawing and painting, pick out a simple clip art design that you would like to use on your glass.
*Clear tape – This will be used to steady the clip art onto the glass.

Begin by figuring out what type of design you would like on the wine glasses. Simple designs tend to work the best, especially for beginners. Cut out the clip art to a size small enough to fit inside the glass. Position the picture where you would like the design to be on the glass (picture side out) and secure it with clear tape. You will be painting on the outside of the glass; however, the clip art on the inside will show through, thus providing a guide for painting.

Using the guide, paint your design on the outside of the glass. Some colors and paints may require you to apply two or more coats. If so, allow the paint to dry before applying the next coat. Depending on your design, you may want to outline the picture in a dark color to make it stand out. For more of an elegant look, use metallic gold or silver accents. Some freehanded specks or swirls may add to the design, as well.

After you have allowed the paint to thoroughly dry, remove the clip art and tape from the inside of the glass and follow the directions on the paint container for heating instructions. Often, this will require putting your glasses in an oven for a designated period of time to set the paint. This is necessary to make sure the paint on the glasses can withstand washing without chipping. You will need to allow the glasses plenty of time to cool down before attempting to remove them from the oven. When the glasses are cool, they are ready to be given as fabulous gifts!

Variations and additional ideas:

*For a fun party favor, paint each guest’s name on a glass that they can take home at the end of the evening.
*Use the same technique to create sports/team themes on beer glasses for a Superbowl party.
*Paint personalized glass ice cream dishes for children.
*Other types of glasses on which to paint: champagne, martini, iced tea, etc.

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