How to make beaded angel pins

How to make beaded angel pins

Beaded angel pins can be used as beautiful Christmas decorations, and they can be worn as unique and festive costume jewelry. They can be used in a variety of ways to decorate for Christmas and spread holiday cheer.

To make a one-of-a-kind beaded angel pin you will need a variety of plastic or glass seed beads in colors of your choice, 12 standard-size metal safety pins, 1 large metal safety pin, 14 mini pony beads in colors of your choice, and silver craft wire. You will also need a flat-backed faux jewel, 1/8-inch wide satin ribbon approximately 6 inches long, thick craft glue, scissors, wire cutters, a small strip of aluminum foil, and a white iridescent bead that’s ½ inch in diameter. Optional supplies are additional 1/8-inch wide satin holiday ribbon or metallic elastic cords.

Begin by carefully opening the safety pins and filling them with colored seed beads of your choice. Approximately 8 seed beads will fit on the open end of a standard-size safety pin.

Now it’s time to begin assembling the beaded angel pin. Use a pair of wire cutters to cut off a 6-inch section of silver craft wire. Run the craft wire through the bottom eye of the first safety pin. Wind it around so it’s securely attached. Next you will need to thread the end of the wire through the hole in a mini pony bead. The mini pony beads will separate the safety pins. Continue this process until there is a mini pony bead separating each beaded safety pin. When you get to the last pin, cut the wire to the appropriate length and secure it to the eyehole by twisting it several times.

Attach the tops of the pins to one another with an additional piece of silver craft wire. Cut off a piece of silver craft wire that’s about 4 inches long. Thread the wire through the holes in the tops of each pin, and make a circle with the wire by wrapping it loosely around your index finger. Cut the wire off at the appropriate length, and twist it at the ends so it’s secure. This completes the body of the angel.

Now it’s time to attach the head to the beaded angel pin. Cut a piece of silver craft wire to a length of approximately 4 inches. Put one end of the wire through the hole in the ½ white iridescent bead, bend the wire over the side of the bead, and attach that end to the center of the wire by twisting it around. Attach the long end of the wire to the wire circle that’s holding the safety pins together. Twist the wire several times so it’s secure.

Lastly, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Make an attractive bow using a 6-inch long piece of 1/8-inch wide satin ribbon. Cut off a small piece of silver craft wire, and wire the ribbon to the angel pin where the head and body meet. Put a large dot of thick craft glue on the center of the ribbon, and attach a flat-back faux gemstone. Hold the gemstone in place until the glue begins to set.

Make a shiny halo for the angel by rolling up a small strip of aluminum foil. Attach the halo to the top of the head using thick craft glue. Set the beaded angel pin aside to dry completely.

After the glue has dried, open a large safety pin, and attach it to the back of the angel behind the wire connecting the head and body. Now the pin is ready to wear.

Transform the pin into a beautiful Christmas tree decoration by tying on metallic elastic cord or festive holiday ribbon. The pin may also be tied onto Christmas packages as an added gift and a unique holiday decoration.

Transform the pin

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