How to make balloon tigers

How to make balloon tigers

Have you ever watched someone do balloon art and wished that you could do the same?

Well, it isn’t as difficult as it might seem. One animal that is easy to create is a tiger.

Before you get started, you need to know how to inflate and tie a balloon. Of course the inflating part basically comes down to two choices: using a pump or using your lungs. Pumping is easier, but it may not be as convenient.

Make sure you use thin balloons. These are more difficult to blow up, but they are the only balloons that work well for balloon art. Because they are so narrow, their volume is much less than a round balloon, and thus, thin balloons are much stronger.

If you want to get the genuine look of a tiger, then use an orange balloon. You can even use a permanent marker to create stripes when you have finished the balloon sculpture.

After you have mastered the inflation of the balloon, it is time to tie a knot. One of the first things you need to realize is if you are really having trouble tying a knot, then you may need to release some air from the balloon.

To tie the balloon, you will need to pinch the end of the balloon where the knot will be formed. Make sure you leave enough of the balloon at the end so you can make the knot.

You will then need to wrap the balloon around your first two fingers (pointer finger and middle finger). You will then thread the slack back behind the start of the balloon and through these two fingers. Make sure you go from the back of the fingers to the front. Now, all you have to do is pull these two fingers out of the loop. Make sure you keep a good grip on the end of the balloon, and there is your knot.

  • (1) To start your tiger, you will need to blow up your balloon but leave approximately 8 inches of tail.
  • (2) You are going to do a series of bubbles, twisting them to lock beginning with a 1-inch bubble.
  • (3) Next, twist a 1 ½ inch bubble.
  • (4) Now, twist another 1-inch bubble.
  • (5) Next, twist a small ½ inch bubble.
  • (6) You will now need to lock the last 1-inch bubble to the ½ inch bubble with a twist.
  • (7) You will now need to twist a 1-inch bubble and tie the knot to the lower end of this twist.
  • (8) Next, twist another 1-inch bubble and move it around so that the twist goes directly between the ½ inch bubbles.
  • (9) You will now need to move the three 1 inch bubbles around so that you have 2 of them on the top and one of them on the bottom. This is the tiger’s face.
  • (10) Find the two 1 inch bubbles that are next to the ½ inch bubbles and twist these bubbles to form ears.
  • (11) Leave 1 ½ inch for the neck.
  • (12) Twist a pair of 3-inch legs, twisting one leg at a time.
  • (13) Leave a 4-inch middle, then twist another pair of 3-inch legs.
  • (14) You should have enough balloon left that the tail is plainly visible.

To make your tiger more authentic, use a permanent marker and create eyes on the face and stripes on the body.

You should now have a finished balloon! Enjoy!

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