How to make baby vegetable Halloween costumes

How to make baby vegetable Halloween costumes

One of the joys of being a parent is the opportunity to share Halloween with your children. Even if your child is just a baby who doesn’t eat candy and can’t say trick or treat you can still dress up your toddler for Halloween. An additional October’s delight is the chance to show off your new sweetie pie to all the neighbors. There’s nothing cuter than a little baby all decked out in an even more adorable costume.

Lots of stores have ready-made costumes that will fit easily fit your child. But while it’s amusing to bring your child with you and try on costumes it’s even more fun to make one for your baby at home. It’s a nice option if you can’t find one you like on the display racks. A perennial favorite choice for baby Halloween costumes is the vegetable costume. While you can choose any kind of vegetable to use as a template there are several vegetables that naturally lend themselves to an easily designed costume. These include the carrot, the eggplant, the tomato, and the peapod.

You can make a simple and pretty carrot costume for your infant in less than an hour. The costume will look especially wonderful if the baby is a redhead. In order to make the costume, you will need: enough orange felt to fully cover the baby and allow for movement cut into two pieces, one yard of green felt, a small spool of orange ribbon, and a long-sleeved orange onesie. You should have scissors and either a sewing machine or heavy-duty stapler handy before you start. The orange onesie goes underneath the costume. To make the costume lay the baby down on one piece of felt.

Place the second piece of felt on top of the child so that it completely covers her body. Using the scissors cut the felt in a triangular shape to fit the contours of the baby. Leave enough fabric on either side to allow for wiggle room. You also need to figure out where the baby’s arms will be and cut out two armholes. Once you’ve done this either staple or sew together the sides of the costume. Poke four small holes on the top of each end of the felt and slide the ribbon in the holes. This will allow you to take the costume off yet keep it in place.

The top of the costume is the stem of the carrot. Take the green felt and fit it to the baby’s head. Once you have a shape you like staple or sew the sides together. Cut two small holes in each side and string the orange ribbon across the bottom so you can secure it to the baby’s head. Tie the ribbon in a bow for extra added charm.

Other vegetable costumes can be created in a similar vein. For instance, if you want to make an eggplant costume you would substitute purple felt, a purple onesie, and purple ribbon instead of orange. You should cut the felt into a pear shape but otherwise, the instructions are the same. The tomato costume uses red felt.

The peapod costume is somewhat different. For this costume, you should use different shades of green felt. Use a darker green for the body of the costume while the lighter green goes on the interior. Cut the darker green felt to fit but leave room in the middle for the lighter green.

This costume will look even more darling if you sew or staple several pom-poms in front on the light green area to represent the peapods. With a bit of creativity not only will your baby will look wonderful but you can have the satisfaction of knowing you were responsible.

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