How to make baby toys

How to make baby toys

Babies love anything that makes music, rattles, feels good or is cuddly. That means you probably have everything you need at home to make them some great toys. Drop a few beads in a bottle with a childproof cap and you’ve got a delightful rattle. In place of beads use a bell or sand. As an extra precaution super glue the lid onto the bottle.

Novelty containers from a quarter machine make fabulous toys for kids. Pop them open and remove the novelty then fill the ball with colorful beads, rice, dry noodles, or other noisy objects. Superglue the cap on to make sure it never opens. Use a hot nail to put a hole on each side of the clear lid. String a tie through it so the baby can grab the ball easier.

Want to give a crawling baby loads of fun? Fill a 20 oz or smaller bottle with water and glitter and he’ll play with it for hours. You can also put little floaters in the water, like small colored styrene balls. Filling the bottle completely makes it too heavy so fill it partially instead.

Tins come in all shapes and sizes and chances are you have some left over from previous holidays. Fill them with any type of noise makers and it’ll be a hit with your baby. Make sure the lid is securely glued onto the can.

Strings of bells are a baby’s best friend. Tie the string on the bell once then just before tying it a second time, place a drop of super glue on the string so the bell never comes detaches. Make a similar toy that slips over the baby’s wrist. Sew a bell to a hair tie. Be sure and sew it on well. Slip it over the baby’s wrist but make sure it’s not too tight.

A small bowl with a lid can be hours of fun for a baby as well. All they have to do is tap it and it’ll make noise which is one thing babies love. As they get older you can give them a plastic spatula with which to hit the bowl or add some metal pots to the mix. Banging on metal pots is a favorite game with many babies.

Use PVC pipe to make a swing set shape with one long pipe across the top and two tee-pee shaped pipes on the sides. Hang any number of toys and rattles from the top bar.

Make soft books for the baby by stitching two pieces of cloth together and filling slightly with stuffing. Cut two more pieces, only a little smaller, to make the next set of pages. Place the smaller stuffed fabric pieces onto the larger set and sew them down the middle. Decorate the book with fabric paints, pieces of cloth shaped like animals or even a small mirror. Glue a border around the mirror to keep it securely in the book.

Make a small doll by stuffing a knee-hi with cotton or foam. Stuff a tiny doll outfit and sew or glue it to the stocking. Glue a hat on the top and shoes or booties on its feet. Draw on the eyes, nose and mouth.

Make a small doll

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