How to make baby headbands with ribbon

How to make baby headbands with ribbon

Being the proud grandmother of a one year old baby girl, nothing looks cuter on my granddaughter than to see her wearing a pretty outfit with a matching headband. Little girls can look so cute with adorable headbands in their hair that match their outfits. You will find that making headbands are so incredibly easy to make that you will want to make several.

Start by selecting a stretch lace in the color of your choice. You will find that this is available in a variety of colors and widths. To begin, try the lace around the babies head to get an idea for the proper size. Cut to the proper length and sew the ends together.

To enhance your headband, you will find that all kinds of embellishments are available. The first thing you will need to do is decide what color and look you want. Some suggestions for you to consider adding to the stretch lace include:

Ribbon roses of one solid color sewn on the white lace . You can use colored lace with matching ribbon roses too.
Ribbon roses, half white and the other half the color of your choice sewn on white lace.
Small satin bows with pearls in the center of the bow sewn on lace.
Small white daisies sewn on lace.
Small organza buttercups sewn on lace.
Ribbon roses in a mixed assortment of sizes sewn on white lace.
Flowers with a very small thin satin ribbon looped a few times to make a bow looks nice.

Use the sewn ends as the center of your headband. Start in the center and add your embellishments keeping everything centered.

You may want to try to experiment with some of these ideas on different sizes of stretch lace and different colors of lace.

If you want a headband made from something other than lace, choose the material of your choice and put stretch elastic inside it. Make it big enough to fit your child’s head. Attach a matching satin bow or a bow of your choice. Some bow suggestions would be:

A dark solid colored headband with a leopard print bow would be cute to wear with a variety of play clothes.
A bright-colored headband with a white alphabet bow will be pretty to wear anytime.
A monogrammed headband with your child’s initials would be pretty to wear anytime.
A patriotic – red, white, and blue headband is pretty to wear during the holidays.
A rainbow of color headband could possibly be one of her favorites. She can wear this with anything in her wardrobe.
A headband adorned with a tulle bow and pearls makes a pretty headband to wear to parties, weddings, or for the holidays.
You can make an elegant and beautiful headband by using a soft color to compliment your child’s outfit. Tie a satin bow and secure it to the headband.

Remember to sew everything very tight so your baby can’t get any small parts in their mouth. Once you start making one, you will find that the possibilities are endless.


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