How to make baby bibs

How to make baby bibs

When you make baby bibs yourself you can make them as frilly or as basic as you’d like. You also get to choose the colors and patterns yourself rather than just settling for what’s available at the store. They make great gifts, too, since they are one-of-a-kind and handmade.

Terry cloth is a great selection of fabric for the bibs but there are many other choices. Flannel, thermal, broadcloth and cotton are just a few. A half-yard of cloth will make several bibs. Think of embellishments while you’re at the store like lace, piping, snaps, buttons and even fabric paint.

Bibs can be square, rectangular or roundish but they all need to be roomy in the neck, fasten well and hang down to at least mid-chest on the baby. It’s sometimes difficult to take a baby’s measurements while they’re awake but when they’re sleeping it’s much easier. You can also measure a bib the baby already has or use a shirt as the pattern. Measure around the neck loosely. Also measure from the throat to the mid-chest area.

The round type of bibs are very easy to make since you simply cut a circle. At the top of the circle cut in about two inches then cut another circle the size of the neck hole measurement. This makes a bib that is roundish in the front but tapers off behind the neck and ties or snaps. Instead of hemming use binding tape to go around the neck opening then around the entire bib.

Square or rectangular bibs are made in a similar way. Cut a square or rectangle and at the top, cut in about two inches. Now cut the circle for the neck opening. The square should be no longer than mid-chest. Measure from shoulder to shoulder in front and subtract a couple of inches off each side. This is how wide the bib should be. Add tie strings if desired rather than installing a snap.

Velcro can also be used for securing the bib at the back of the neck. To add a pocket for catching food cut a smaller rectangle that goes the width of the bib by about five inches wide. Sew the binding tape across the smallest rectangle piece. Now align the pocket on the bib and stitch into place, close to the edge. Use binding tape to outline the neck opening. Outline the entire bib now with the binding tape, overlapping when you get to where you started.

Lace bibs are pretty but not very practical so start with a piece of cotton or linen then overlay it with soft lace.

Make tie strings for the bib by cutting a strip of binding tape. Start by sewing the binding tape together. Sew down about eight inches before placing the top edge of the bib in the binding tape. Continue sewing the binding tape around the neck opening. When you get to the next top edge of the bib continue sewing just the binding tape for eight more inches. This places your binding tape on the bib and allows two strings for tying.

Draw, write, or paint on the bib with fabric paints. You can squirt them right out of the tube onto the bib to write the baby’s name, the day of the week, or a cute saying. Another idea is to cut out little shapes like blocks or circles and sew them onto the bib. Place a little wad of stuffing behind the shape before stitching to give it dimension.


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