How to make an outdoor hanging decorative flag

How to make an outdoor hanging decorative flag

Flags don’t have to represent the state or country in which you live, they also can be festive and fun. Flags can be made for holidays, seasons, or any occasion. The first thing you need is the pole for your project, then the hardware to hang the pole and flag. The hardware can be found at any hardware store and is not expensive, so long as you don’t make a huge flag. The pole can be a wooden dowel, also found at a hardware store or department store.

Make sure the hardware is the right size to hold the dowel. The cloth needs to be a solid color, like white or beige and can be cotton, canvas or muslin, but needs to be a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Attach the hardware somewhere on the front of your house, or wherever you desire.

Cut the flag to the desired size, keeping in mind the size dowel that you have. The flag should not be any longer than half of the dowel rod. Launder the cloth before beginning the project and iron if necessary. Hem the fabric around all four edges. You can draw freehand on the flag, or use stencils for your design. Stencil a large rabbit, some eggs and grass and Happy Easter on a flag, or stencil on a cross and He Rises, or whatever type of Easter flag suits you.

Do something similar for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For seasonal changes, make a flag that has a giant snowflake for winter, flowers, and birds for spring, a beach scene for summer and leaves, and gourds for fall. You can even make a flag to announce It’s A Boy, or It’s A Girl.

For a flag with more dimension, stencil on the outline of the design, then use other fabric to fill in the different areas. This cloth can be plaids, stripes, satin, or a colorful fabric. The cloth can be cut in the shapes of hearts, four-leaf clovers, a Christmas tree, pumpkins or apples, but must be a lightweight cloth. Also, make sure you won’t be able to see the background color of your flag through the top layer of fabric.

Placing white cloth on a green background can make the white look green when the sun shines. Sew or use fabric glue to attach the top cloth pieces to the background. To add even more dimension to the flag, you can use sequin to decorate the border of the flag and arrange small rhinestones in the shapes of ladybugs or flowers. Glitter or glitter glue can also be used to enhance the outlines or borders of the flag, but whatever you use, make sure it’s not going to be heavy. The heavier the flag, the less likely it will blow easily in the wind.

The flag doesn’t have to have a scene on it. It can just say Welcome , The Jones House , or simply display the state flower. After you ‘ve completed your flag, use staples, small nails, tacks or glue to attach the dowel to the edge of the flag. Do not use hot glue for this project. Slide the dowel into the hardware and display your newly made flag. You can treat the flag with a spray-on waterproofing treatment and treat the dowel, before attaching the flag, by brushing it with sealer

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