How to make an origami turban

Many origami models can be folded from either paper or fabric and the turban project presented here is a great example of this. You can fold this turban from paper (at least 6” square) for a small display version or use a large square (at least 23”) of fabric or newsprint to make a wearable version. The functional turban comes in handy when you need a quick head covering or a last-minute costume.

This origami turban is a very simple beginner-level project and should take just a few minutes to complete.
Practice this model with any paper you happen to have on hand. Any paper you choose, though, should be able to crease well and should be able to retain its folded shape. A square cut from a standard sheet of copy paper will work well. Once you have mastered the folds of this model, you can move on to different colored or patterned papers, if desired.

If you are planning on folding a wearable turban from fabric, choose material that breathes. Cotton, linen, or other fabrics made from natural fibers work best.

Follow each step carefully and move on to the next step only when you are certain that all previous steps have been correctly completed. It may take a couple of attempts to get it right, so be sure to have plenty of paper practice squares on hand. One advantage of using cloth over paper is that you can practice with the same square over and over again.

  1. Position a square of paper on your work surface so that its points are facing up and down, left and right. If you are using two-sided paper, make sure that the color you want for the dominant part of the turban is facing down.
  2. Bring the bottom point up to meet the top point. Crease and leave folded.
  3. Bring the left point of the model up to meet the right edge. The point should come to rest just below the top point. Crease and leave folded.
  4. Bring the right point of the model up to meet the left edge. The point should come to rest at a point that is the exact opposite of where the point in Step 3 was placed. Crease and leave folded.
  5. Bring the top point of the model down to meet the bottom edge. Crease and unfold.
  6. Bring the top point of the model down to cover the two points folded up in Steps 3-4 to create a triangular flap. Crease and leave folded.
  7. Bring the folded top edge of the model down to meet the point of the triangular flap created in Step 6. Crease and leave folded.
  8. Open up the flaps created in Steps 3-4 and gently turn the model inside out.
  9. Press flat to complete a paper turban. If you are folding a wearable turban from cloth or a very large square of paper, then hold onto the rolled portion while you place it on your head. Position the crossed flaps to the front.

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