How to make an origami catcher’s mitt

How to make an origami catcher's mitt

Most origami projects are folded from a square of paper, but some use rectangles or narrow strips as well. This catcher’s mitt, a traditional origami model, is folded from a rectangle. This is a very simple project and should not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

Use a standard newspaper page – or a piece of paper with similar dimensions – for a realistically proportioned mitt. Alternately, a standard piece of white copy or typing paper can be used to create a display model. You can also use two-sided paper done in brown shades to give your mitt a more realistic look. To avoid waste, practice folding your model with inexpensive paper first. Then, once you have mastered the folds of this model, move on to any special paper.

One of the keys to a successful origami model is the ability to make accurate and sharp creases. Because of this, your work surface is very important. Avoid carpets, beds, and other soft surfaces. Instead, work on a hard, flat surface like a table or hardback book. This will help you achieve sharper creases and more accurate folds. Make an even sharper crease by running a ruler, pencil edge, or your thumbnail slowly over each crease as you work.

What You Need to do

  1. Position a rectangle of paper on your work surface so that its short edges are facing up and down. If you are using two-sided paper, make sure that the desired dominant color is face up.
  2. Bring the left edge over to meet the right edge. Crease and unfold.
  3. Bring the upper left point down toward the center of the model so that the left half of the top edge comes to lie along the center vertical crease line. Crease and leave folded. Repeat for the upper right point.
  4. Bring the upper-left edge of the model down to meet the center vertical crease line. Crease and leave folded. Repeat for the upper-right edge. Turn the model over.
  5. Bring the top point of the model down to meet the bottom edge. Crease just enough to mark the horizontal center of the model – do not make a sharp crease. Unfold.
  6. Bring the bottom edge of the model up to form a narrow strip at its base. The width of the strip should be equal to approximately one-eighth the height of the model. Crease and leave folded.
  7. Turn up the bottom edge of the model and keep doing so until you reach its horizontal center.
  8. Bring the lower right point of the model’s bottom strip up to meet its vertical center crease. Crease and leave folded. Repeat for the strip’s lower left point. Hold the folded flaps in place.
  9. Bring the top point of the model down over the flaps you created in Step 8 and into the pocket created by the folded bottom strip.
  10. Insert your fingers into the pockets at the back of the model to open and close the mitt.

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