How to make an origami bra

How to make an origami bra

Many origami models depict items of clothing. Indeed, folded paper footwear and headgear of varying styles have always been included in existing compilations of traditional origami models. This model is most easily made from fabric rather than paper and can be folded up into either a bow or bra. Its final form is determined by the closures (if any) added. For a bow, leave as is. For a bra, string and/or elastic can be sewn, pinned, or stapled to the finished piece to create straps. The instructions given below assume you will be making a wearable bra. For a bow or mock, unwearable bra, stop at Step 11.

In order to make your model, you will need fabric and an iron and ironing board. If you will be turning your finished model into a bra, you will also need straight pins, safety pins, a needle, and thread, or a stapler and staples, and enough elastic and/or string to create a back strap and shoulder straps.

You can use any fabric you like for your model. The only condition is that it must be cut into a perfect square. Practice with a square that measures at least 10” and then adjust the size accordingly. If you want a wearable version, then increase the size of the square. If you are making a bow, then you might want to decrease the size of the square.

For this model, an ironing board makes a wonderful work surface.

  1. Position the square of fabric on your work surface so that the ends are facing up and down, left and right. If you are using two-sided fabric, make sure the side you want for the exterior of the bra is facing down.
  2. Bring the left edge of the model over to meet the right edge. Crease lightly with an iron to mark the model’s vertical center. Allow the fabric to cool and unfold.
  3. Bring the left edge of the model over to meet the vertical center, using the crease made in Step 2 as a guide. Finger press or press with an iron.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for the model’s right edge.
  5. Bring the top edge of the model down to meet the bottom edge. Finger press or press with an iron.
  6. Bring the edge that was folded down in Step 5 up to meet the model’s newly formed top edge. Finger press or press with an iron. The top layer the model should now be composed of two pockets.
  7. Turn the model over and repeat Step 6.
  8. Lift the top right corner of the left pocket so that it rests just above the interior folded edges. Repeat with the upper left corner of the right pocket.
  9. Reach underneath the model and lift up the counterparts to the corners lifted in the previous step.
  10. Grasp the front and back pair of left corners between left thumb and forefinger and grasp the opposing corners between right thumb and forefinger.
  11. Pull the corners upward and out until the model takes the shape of a bra. The cups of the bra will be pointing toward you.
  12. Sew, pin, or staple on string or elastic to first make shoulder strap, then a back strap.

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