How to make an ice cream cone Christmas tree

How to make an ice cream cone Christmas tree


Shredded wheat cereal
White frosting
Green food coloring

Small colorful candies
Paper plate or cardboard base
Butter knife
Waffle cone


1) Put several shredded wheat pieces into a sealable plastic bag. Then give the bag to a child and let him throw it, roll it, stomp on it, pound on it, and otherwise crush the shredded wheat until it is in tiny pieces. Be careful, however, that he doesn’t turn the cereal into complete dust. You want the now-pulverized shredded wheat to still be a little bit spiny because they will act as pine needles.
2) Empty the little plastic bag full of cereal pieces into a mixing bowl. Add green food coloring to the bowl and mix the shredded wheat together with the green food coloring to turn the “pine needles green.
3) In a separate mixing bowl, dump in some store-bought white icing and add in several drops of green food coloring. Using a spoon or an electric hand mixer, blend the icing and green food coloring together until the frosting is thoroughly green.
4) Get out a waffle cone and set it on a plate. Using the butter knife, have the child spread the green frosting all over the waffle cone.
5) When the waffle cone is completely coated in icing, let the child pick it up and roll it around in the green shredded wheat pieces. When the tree is lightly coated in pine needles, it should already look like a pine tree.
6) Turn the cone over so that the pointy end is sticking up in the air and set it down on the plate. Working quickly so that the frosting doesn’t dry, have the child place small unwrapped pieces of brightly colored candy at random all over the tree. If the child is especially creative, they may want to design a little pattern of lights around the tree. If the frosting is not holding the ornaments well because it is beginning to dry, you can always use more. Simply dip one side of the candy pieces into the green frosting and then attach it to the cone.
7) When the candy has dried, you can set the cone out for display, or the child can eat his creation.

This craft project is great on to occupy kids at a Christmas party. Simply, pre-crush and pre-dye and pre “mix the shredded wheat and frosting. Set out all the necessary materials, and allow each child to sit at the table making their own. Then they can write their names on the paper plate and take the min Christmas tree home as a party favor. Or they can trade trees amongst themselves.

However, the project also makes a great family time or individual project. When parents are trying to wrap presents in secret, they can leave the kids to work on this easy yet fun craft project in another room all by themselves. It is a very versatile and fun holiday project. Kids will love to eat and make it, and parents will love how easy and cheap this craft is to make!


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