How to make an ice bowl

How to make an ice bowl

During a party, the punch always seems to go from cold to room temperature in no time. Adding lots of ice only waters down the punch. To keep punch as cold as possible without diluting it make an ice bowl. They’re not only practical and beautiful but they don’t melt nearly as quickly as individual ice pieces.

They can be made in so many different ways for any occasion. An ice bowl is basically a chunk of ice, shaped like a bowl, containing anything from flowers to fruit. The size of the ice bowl should be appropriate to the size of the punch bowl or the ice bowl will sink too far down into the punch. The idea is not to allow the punch to flow into the ice bowl but for the ice bowl to sit on top of the punch.

Use plastic or metal bowls rather than glass. Place one bowl inside of another. The outer bowl will be the mold for the ice bowl so choose one that is much smaller than the punch bowl. For the inside choose an even smaller bowl. As you fill the outer bowl, the inner bowl will begin to float. To prevent this fill it with water or something else weighty enough to hold the bowl to the bottom.

In many stores, you can find ice cubes that are plastic and shaped like aquatic animals, fruits, or flowers. These types of ices are simply placed in the freezer until frozen then dropped into a drink. They are dishwasher safe or can simply be rinsed off before placing back in the freezer to reuse. The little plastic ice makes a colorful ring in the center of your ice bowl. Arrange them side-by-side in the large bowl before adding water and freezing.

Arrange fruit, clean silk flowers, or even mini plastic fish in between the two bowls. Fill the largest bowl with water and freeze. After it’s frozen remove the small bowl then turn the ice bowl out onto foil. If you have trouble getting the ice to come out of the bowl dip it in a sink of warm water for a few seconds. Wrap in foil and place in the freezer until needed. Fill the ice bowl with additional fruits and flowers before placing it into the punch.

For a wedding fill the ice bowl with small plastic wedding bells and gold ribbon. For a child’s birthday filled with novelty toys. Fill the center with candies or fresh fruit. There are many different things you can use to make a pretty ice bowl. When using things like confetti or ribbon inside the ice remove the ice bowl when it gets to the point where the contents will spill into the punch.

Ice bowls aren’t just for drinks. They are beautiful in the center of an arrangement of fruit or vegetables. Fill the ice bowl with dip for the fruits or fill it with flowers. The platter for the fruits and ice bowl must be capable of holding the water from the rice bowl as it begins to melt.

Ice bowls

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