How to make an herbal bath blend

How to make an herbal bath blend

Nothing can refresh your body and mind like a hot bath, especially when it is enriched with nourishing ingredients. The plant kingdom offers a variety of herbs that are perfectly suited to this purpose because of their wonderful scents and skin benefits. The trendiest spas know how much a nice long soak can do, so they offer special herbal baths to their patrons.

For a bit less money, you can buy a fancy blend of herbs to add to your tub at home. On the other hand, your own garden or health food store probably has just what you need to make your own customized bathing goodies. If you want to save some money and create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom, you will love this herbal bath blend recipe.

Why Use a Bath Blend?

These days, just about no one has a lot of spare time to spend in the bathtub. So you may be asking yourself, “Why should I bother making an herbal bath blend?” The simplest answer to this is that you deserve it. On occasion, we all need to take some time to take care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally.

While no herb is a magic bullet, some have been revered for centuries because they truly make a difference. A good bath blend, a combination of plants and other soothing natural ingredients, softens the skin, soothes, and eases tension. Just resting in a warm bath for thirty minutes will leave you feeling more alive, and the ingredients in a bath blend work to enhance an already enjoyable experience.


The majority of an herbal bath blend is not herbs at all but grains. The king of cosmetic grains, oatmeal is my favorite choice for this recipe. Not only is it cheap — not to mention probably already in your cupboard — but it is also known to soften the body and soothe a variety of skin conditions ranging from rashes to sunburn. It is rich in protein and important vitamins, so it is excellent for combating dry skin.

Also, virtually no one suffers adverse reactions from applying oatmeal to the skin. When choosing your oatmeal, look for the plain non-instant variety. It retains more of the grain’s nourishing properties than fast-cooking types. Sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda, makes up about a quarter of the bath blend and works along with the oatmeal to pamper tired bodies.

The herbal part of this recipe is designed to be simple to either buy or grow because it consists of two of the most popular healing plants: chamomile and lavender. Chamomile, with its tiny white apple-scented blooms, is included for two purposes. First, it is known to clear up eruptive skin disorders and painful problems like razor burn. Secondly, its fragrance relieves anxiety and promotes deep relaxation. Lavender, whose beautiful purple flowers are popular in lotions, powders, and even fabric softeners, is also multi-purpose.

I include it especially for those who need to gear down after a hectic day because it is extremely calming. If you have troubled skin or aching muscles, you will appreciate this soothing herb all the more. The easiest way to buy chamomile is in the form of tea. Most stores carry it alongside other bagged teas for a reasonable price. You can buy chamomile flowers from health food stores or garden centers.


To make this herbal bath blend, you need only a measuring cup, a food processor, and a container in which to store the finished product. Pour one-half cup of chamomile flowers, one-half cup of lavender flowers, one and one-half cups of oatmeal, and two-thirds of a cup of baking soda into your food processor. Mill these ingredients for a minute or more until they are the consistency of talcum powder.

I have heard of people using a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder to do this, but I do not suggest either alternative because the former takes too long and the latter will not give you fine enough results. Once your ingredients are completely blended, the bath blend is finished. Just transfer it to a glass or plastic jar with a tightly fitting lid and store it near the tub.


With the work of making your blend behind you, you can get to the fun of using it. If you have a standard size bathtub, three tablespoons of the recipe will be plenty for one herbal bath. All you need to do is let the tub fill up halfway with warm water, add the blend, and finish filling the tub. Settle in, relax, and breathe deeply. When you emerge, your skin will feel deliciously soft and your tension will be gone. Use it any time you need to de-stress and feel pampered.

The herbs in this recipe are just a few that you can experiment with during bath time. Other plants can be energizing, romantic, or even therapeutic during illnesses. There are peppermint, rose, sage, and rosemary, just to name a few. Try new ingredients to make an array of delicious blends for yourself and loved ones. You just might find yourself clearing more space in your hectic schedule to take nightly baths.

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