How to make an egg carton caterpillars

How to make an egg carton caterpillars

Egg carton caterpillars are fun to make in springtime when kids will most likely be learning about caterpillars and butterflies in school. Knowing how to make this craft comes in handy when children are asked to make dioramas in the school of caterpillars and butterflies. If you plan on making several caterpillars, make sure you collect your empty egg cartons before making the craft. One carton makes two caterpillars, so make sure you have enough on hand for each child to make one! If you plan on doing this craft in school, ask parents to donate their egg cartons.


Egg cartons

Craft eyes
Craft balls
Paint brushes
Craft needle

Step One: Cut the cartons.

In order to make the caterpillars, you must cut out the individual egg holders from the egg carton. Each holder is going to become a section of the caterpillar, so keep in mind size and try to cut off all of the sharp edges so that each section had a round bottom. Cutting the carton is easy if you detach the top part of the carton, then cut lengthwise in between the egg holding portion of the carton, so that you have two strips of six egg holders. Then cut widthwise between each of the six egg holders on each half of the carton. This will create twelve separate sections for making the caterpillars.

Step Two: Attach the sections.

Using a craft needle, punch a hole inside of each section of an egg carton, so that the holes are across from each other. Essentially, you will be stringing the sections back together in a line, but they will only be attached by the string, to make the caterpillar look more like a caterpillar instead of an egg carton. The string keeps the caterpillar together, but loosely so that it has a bit of freedom in movement. Once you have punched two holes in each section, take the string and put the sections together so that you have six humps to the caterpillar’s back. Secure a knot at each end of the caterpillar, making sure to pull the string taut so that the sections stay in a line and do not fall apart.

Step Three: Decorate the caterpillar.

Using the paint and paintbrushes, color the caterpillar. You may want to use all one color, do stripes, polka dots, anything! Remember to have children wear smocks and pull up their sleeves when they are using paints. Use can use furry or puffy craft balls on the caterpillars, too. These can be applied to the top of each section, or all over the entire caterpillar for a very fuzzy look. Attach craft eyes to the front section of the caterpillar so that you can distinguish one section as the head.

When you are done decorating the caterpillar, let it dry fully. Then, put the caterpillar wherever you want! This craft is very inexpensive and uses a material that might usually be thrown away. Kids enjoy decorating their caterpillars according to their own styles, and frequently want to make many!

When you are done

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