How to make an easy shelf

How to make an easy shelf

When you need some extra storage space and aren’t very good with a saw this trick is a great way to make a shelf in a hurry.

First decide where you want to put the shelf. You should measure how long you want the shelf. (Make that the length will not inhibit doors from opening all the way.) Then measure how wide you need. For most cases the width or the length from the wall out is a approximate, and does not have to be precise.

Go to your local hardware store and explain to the employee what you will be using the wood for. He/she will help you pick out the right type of wood along with help you find the size you were looking for. Most times however the wood is a lot longer than we need. Many lumber places will cut one or two pieces of wood to size for you, so have your measurements ready.

After the wood is cut you need to buy some screws. Select a screw that is long enough that it will provide a little support unlike the very small screws. If you want to clean up the edges on the wood you should also purchase some sand paper. If you have a hard time selecting any of this just speak to an employee and they will help you. While you are there don’t forget to purchase paint or spray paint if you are planning on painting the shelf. (If you buy paint remember to pick up a paint brush.)

You also need some L shaped metal brackets to hold the shelf to the wall. The size of the bracket will depend on the size of the shelf. If the shelf is wide or is going to be holding books get a good sized bracket. Make sure that the smaller side of the bracket fits along the bottom of the shelving. You will need one bracket for aprx. Every 2.5 ft of shelf, and no matter what you need one on each end of the shelf.

When you get home you can begin to sand down the edges of the wood and then paint it. If the brackets are a different color than what you like, paint those too.

Once the paint is dry (aprx. 24 hours later) screw the smaller side of the bracket into the bottom part of the shelf. Screw them in there straight and make sure that the back of the shelf and the bracket are going to line up right once placed against a wall. When the shelf is placed against the wall the rest of the bracket should lean against it, leaving no space between the wall and the bracket.

Once the shelf is screwed in place, you have your new storage shelf.

Once the shelf

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