How to make an easy halloween costume for a couple

How to make an easy halloween costume for a couple

Halloween costumes are lots of fun, and if you are in a relationship, you can have double the fun making your creative couple’s costume. Here are a few costume ideas for couples:


The two of you fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, so why not dress up like one?! All you need is a very large piece of cardboard (at least five feet long and 3 feet tall), some paints or markers, and four-wire hangers. The first step is decorating your cardboard with paint or markers with a design or picture of your choice. Once you have finished that step, use a razor or box cutter to cut the cardboard length-wise down the center, in a formation like a puzzle piece.

Now the two pieces of cardboard will fit together like a puzzle. You will be wearing the two pieces on your chests, so reshape the wire hangers so that they fit as straps over your shoulders, and then affix the ends of the wire straps to the back of your cardboard pieces with heavy-duty tape. You should both wear all black underneath your puzzle pieces so that your puzzle design stands out. When the two of you stand next to each other, you can fit your pieces together. Everyone will be impressed by your “togetherness.”


If you and your partner are an example of the “opposites attract” philosophy, then your costumes should be too. One of you can dress like a cowboy, and the other like an Indian. For the cowboy, wear a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, a cowboy hat, and a bandana. You can get a fake gun and holster at a costume or toy store, and you can fashion a silver badge out of aluminum foil if you want to. For the Indian, decorate some plain sandals or loafers with beading from your local craft store, and wear a tan and slightly torn-up shirt and skirt. Tie a band around your head, and decorate it with a brightly-colored feather. If you have long enough hair, tie it in two braids.


You could easily dress up as two of the characters from one of your favorite cartoon shows, such as Scooby-Doo. Shaggy has a pretty simple style to replicate. Just wear a pair of tan or brown bell-bottoms and a pale green, slightly-tattered t-shirt. If you don’t have long hair as Shaggy did, then you can buy a wig at a costume store. They might not have one that is the perfect length, but you can trim the hair on a long-haired wig so that it fits that Shaggy style.

Draw on some facial hair with brown eye shadow or liner. The female half of this couple can dress up like Velma. Get a pair of thick-rimmed round black glasses, an orange turtleneck, and a red skirt. If your hair isn’t able to be styled into Velma’s brown turned-under bob with bangs, then buy a wig, and trim it into Velma’s retro style. The two of you will be totally groovy.


Famous couples are always a funny costume choice. Bill and Hillary Clinton would be an easy and entertaining option. If your hair isn’t like theirs, you can buy some temporary gray spray (for Bill) or you can buy some wigs at a costume store. For Bill, wear a gray suit with a baby blue button-down shirt underneath and a navy blue tie. For Hilary, wear a power skirt suit, like she is often seen wearing. Wave to your friends, and campaign for a great night! Other popular couple costumes are Sonny and Cher and Santa and Mrs. Claus.


For the ultimate in closeness, the two of you can come in one costume, such as the front and back ends of a tiger. Use fabric paint to cover two pairs of black pants with orange and white tiger-like stripes. Do the same to a black sheet. Whoever is going to be the head should use costume make-up on their face to draw on tiger features, like the nose, mouth, and whiskers. Cover your hair with a black scarf, and put on a headband with cat ears (available at any costume store).

Cut a hole, large enough to fit your head, in one end of the sheet, and then put your head through it. The back end of the tiger should also cut out a small hole for their head, but they should cover their face in black and orange striped make-up so that it blends into the rest of the costume. Attach a tail to the back end of the sheet by braiding some black, white, and orange yard together. Affix the tail with heavy-duty glue, or sew it on.

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