How to make an earring holder out of a wooden frame

How to make an earring holder out of a wooden frame

Create a unique jewelry organizer from an ordinary object: a picture frame makes a functional and stylish storage space for earrings.

If you are looking for a useful and stylish way to organize your earrings, try making a picture frame earring organizer. By modifying a store bought or second hand picture frame, it’s easy create your own earring holder. Store, organize and display your jewelry in an unusual way that provides easy access and looks great. When your jewelry is visible an accessible, it’s easier to find and wear.

This creative storage option keeps your earrings together and reduces lost pieces. When you can see what you have, you’ll no longer need to turn your room upside down to find the perfect accessories or find yourself with three sets of nearly identical earrings. It’s much easier to keep organized if you have created a simple and easy to use storage system. Best of all, this project can be completed for less than $10.

Supplies You’ll Need

Wooden picture frame, mesh screen, staple gun, and staples, or nails.

How to Make Your Earring Holder

You’ll need a sturdy wooden picture frame to start. Choose a size that is large enough to accommodate your jewelry and will look attractive on your wall. 11×14 is a good size, to begin with. Mesh screening is available at most local hardware stores and costs less than $4. To attach the screening, use a staple gun or small nails. Many art supply shops or frame shops offer raw frames without glass or fittings. These raw frames are ready to make into an organizer as-is. If you find a pre-made frame you like, dismantle it by removing any glass and hardware.

Now you are ready to begin. If you plan to store only hanging earrings, simply stretch the screening against the back of the picture frame and attach with stapler or nails. The earrings can then be slipped in between the wire mesh.

For post of clip style earrings, you’ll need screening about three times the length of your frame. Make half- inch pleats at 2 or 3 inch intervals. Fold each pleat upwards to form a half-inch pocket. Flatten the screening by rolling it into a tube against the direction of the pleats you formed. If that has not flattened your screening enough, try rolling it lengthwise. Stretch the screen against the back of the frame with the pleats facing up and horizontally. Adhere with staple gun or small nails. The pleats will allow you to attach your clip or post earrings.

Add Your Own Style

This project is both functional and decorative. Let your creativity run wild when choosing a frame. You can complement any decor by picking out a coordinating frame to start with. Keep an eye out at garage sales and flea markets and thrift shops for interesting wooden frames. Simply remove any glass and hardware to convert your find into an organizer. Don’t forget, if you find a frame with great details, it is easy to customize it by painting or covering with a fabric you like. Consider stripping a used frame for a distressed, Shabby Chic look. Make sure the frame is wide enough and soft enough to get nails or staples into. As long as you can do that, there are no limits to what you choose.

By attaching small screw in hooks along the bottom of the frame, you can also have a place to store necklaces. Most hardware stores sell hooks in several sizes, such as those used for coffee cups.

Finishing touches

This project makes a great gift for anyone who wears earrings. A teenager might love one covered in faux zebra print fabric. An elegant black frame of detailed molding would match almost any theme. Perhaps your grandmother who loves antiques would enjoy a neutral wooden frame with lace accents. While the construction is quite simple, the decoration can be as elaborate as you like.

Add a decorative touch by attaching a coordinating 18” length of ribbon to hang up the frame. Picture hanging wire of the same length will add stability and strength.

Now you’ve got a simple, creative solution to your jewelry storage needs. Enjoy!

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