How to make an apple peg rack

How to make an apple peg rack

A peg rack can be one of the most useful pieces in your home. In kitchens they can hold dish towels or pot holders. In bathrooms they can house bathrobes or curling irons, while in the closet, belts or scarves. In the entrance hall it can hold those all important, often hard to find keys.

Peg racks are fun and simple to make, and can be designed in as many ways as you can think of uses for. The plans and instructions to follow are for making an apple peg rack.

Materials list: To make an apple peg rack you will need a 1/2″ thick piece of wood that measures 12’L x 4″W, 3 mini shaker pegs with 1/4″ plugs, 2 wooden apples (1 3/8″x 1 1/4″) split, making four pieces, 2 large sawtooth hangers, a glue gun, wood stain or paint, green paint, brown paint, semi-gloss clear coat finish spray, drill with 1/4″ drill bit.

Directions: Stain the piece of wood and the mini shaker pegs according to stain directions, or, if you choose to paint the plaque, select your color and paint them.

When stain, or paint, is dry, turn the rack over and attach the sawtooth hangers, 1: down from the top of plaque, with the side edge of the hanger coming no closer than 1″ to the edge of the plaque. Turning back to front side, measure and pencil 3 small X’s, 1″ up from the bottom of the plaque in the following positions: 3″ in from each side, and one at 6″ in center. Using a pencil, also draw a small 1/2″ long horizontal line, 1 1/2″ up from the bottom in the following positions: 1 1/2″ in from each side, and 4 1/2″ in from each side.

Using small amounts of hot glue, glue the apple halves to the plaque, lining the bottoms of the apples on the penciled lines. Once the apples are in place, lightly pencil a stem and a leaf at the top of each apple. Paint the stem brown and the leaf green.

Using a 1/4″ drill bit, drill holes 1/4″ deep on the X’s. Be sure the holes are free of sawdust and then fill with hot glue. Insert the shaker pegs into the holes and allow to dry. Remove any excess glue that has seeped up and around the edges of pegs.

Once the pegs are secure and dry, as well as the painted stems and leaves, you can spray the plaque with the semi-gloss clear coat. In a room with good ventilation, or even outdoors, spray the peg rack with a light, even coat. Three coats of clear coat should be applied, allowing 24 hours for drying time between each coat.

When the final coat is dry, your new apple peg rack is ready for use. The plans for this apple peg rack can be adapted to make a peg rack featuring any theme you desire. If you don’t want apples on your rack, what about snowmen? Or lighthouses? Or flower pots? Or fish? You get the picture. Most craft stores carry many split shapes, but they don’t even necessarily need to be split shapes. Depending on the size of your rack and the space between shaker pegs, a flat shape works just as well.

Half the fun of making a peg rack is designing one to fit your particular tastes or needs. They also make wonderful, personalized gifts.

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