How to make an animal purse

How to make an animal purse

Little girls love little purses. Handmade purses become collectibles as the girl grows older, particularly if made by someone she loves. Make adorable animal-shaped purses for your daughter and she’ll cherish it forever. You’ll need specific fabric, thread, stuffing, and a few embellishments.

Look around your local fabric shop for material that has animal prints. The fabric can display only the animal head or the entire animal. The animal must be fairly large and have a definitive shape. Depending upon how the fabric is cut and how often the pattern repeats, you’ll need about a half yard. If the previous cut was made through the center of the animal image you might need to order a little over a yard.

Material with a large animal head is the best choice since it will make sewing easier than outlining an entire animal shape. The fabric can be just about anything as long as you feel confident enough to sew that particular type of material.

Cut out four of the animal head shapes. Place two of them right sides together. Do the same to the other two. Sew around the shapes leaving a small portion open at the bottom for turning. After each set has been turned right side out add some stuffing to the inside of the pouch then stitch shut. The stuffing should be enough to add dimension to the purse but not enough to make the animal really big. You can add enhancements like craft eyes or plastic strips for whiskers.

Align one set of animal heads with the other set. Sew from one side, around the bottom, to the other side. Leave open enough space to allow access to the inside of the purse. After stitching the two sets together turn right side out. Place a small rope piece at the sides to use for a purse strap.

If you’re working with an entire animal shape it’s going to be more difficult because the mirror image of the animal won’t align with the original image. Cut out two pieces of animal shapes. Cut two more pieces from a different cloth to use for the backside of the purse. Make the second two pieces mirror images of the first. In other words, cut the first image out, flip it over, and cut the second set of animals.

Sew the first set of animals together with the right sides facing each other. Leave the belly portion open for turning. Sew the other set of animals in the same way. Turn, stuff, and stitch closed. Now put the shapes together, sew around them, and turn. Use a rope or cord for a handle.

To add a tail to the animal remove a few stitches in the rear area of the animal. Sew two pieces of cloth together in the shape of a rectangle. Leave one end open for turning. For the other end tuck a little bit of faux fur into the opening then stitch shut. Turn. Place the tail in the proper area and stitch shut.

To add a tail

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