How to make Adjustable Wood Music Stand

How to make Adjustable Wood Music Stand

If you play a musical instrument other than a piano,

you’ll need a stand to hold your sheet music on. There are basically two types of stands, a folding type, and a non-folding type. The non-folding types are clumsy and awkward to carry around, as well as to transport. It’s more suited for placing in a room in your house where you practice your instrument. A folding music stand is easier to carry with you because you can set it up and take it down as needed.

You can easily make your own wood music stand with some thin pieces of hardwood, some assorted hardware, a few basic tools, and a day’s time. To start this project, you’ll need to measure and cut the wood pieces you’ll need to make the base of the stand. Measure and cut three pieces of hardwood nine inches long. They should be about an inch in diameter. Use an electric drill to bore a small hole about an inch down from the ends in all of the pieces. Then, place the wood pieces together and insert a very long, thin bolt into them. Place a butterfly nut on the bolt. Set this base assembly aside for now.

Now, measure and cut two more pieces of the thin hardwood. Use an electric drill to bore a small hole in one end of each of the pieces. Each of these pieces will need to be twenty-six inches long. You’ll need a square bracket that has a hole and a butterfly screw in it. Place the pieces together, then slide the bracket over both of them, and secure them together by tightening the butterfly screw. This is the height assembly.

The next step is to attach the base assembly onto one end of the height assembly by using the long screw and the butterfly nut. For the top end of the height assembly, you’ll need to measure and cut a fifteen-inch piece of hardwood. Use an electric drill to bore a small hole in the center of this piece. Then, attach it to the end of the height assembly with an additional screw and a butterfly nut.

You have assembled the base of your music stand, so now you’ll need to make the top part. To do this, measure and cut an eighteen inch piece of hardwood that is eighteen inches long. Also, measure and cut two pieces of hardwood that are twelve inches long. Finally, you’ll need four pieces that measure eight inches long each.

Now, to put the top part of your stand together, you’ll need to use an electric drill to bore two holes in the fifteen inch piece. The holes should be approximately three inches in from each end. Bore holes near one end of the twelve inch pieces of thin hardwood two. Attach the holes in the end to the holes in the fifteen inch piece by using screws and butterfly nuts.

Use an electric drill to bore a third hole in the fifteen-inch piece of hardwood. This hole will need to be located in the middle of the previously drilled holes. Then, measure and cut an eighteen-inch long piece of hardwood. Drill a hole near the end of this piece too, plus make a hole approximately eight inches up from the same end. Now, from the opposite end, measure down eight inches and use a drill to bore yet another hole. Attach the end of the eighteen-inch piece of hardwood to the fifteen-inch piece by using a long bolt and a butterfly nut.

You can see by now that you need to drill many holes and insert several bolts and butterfly nuts to make this wood music stand. The special butterfly nuts allow you to tighten and loosen the joints as needed to fold up or unfold the stand.

Finally, drill a hole at each end of the eight-inch pieces of hardwood. And, drill a hole in each of the twelve-inch pieces, approximately three inches down from the top end. Attach the eight-inch pieces to the twelve-inch pieces, and then attach the last two eight-inch pieces of hardwood to the top with bolts and butterfly screws.

Now that you have completed making your wood music stand, you can take it apart and stain it any color you choose. Reassemble it after the stain has thoroughly dried, and then enjoy using your new folding wood music stand!

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