How to make a wooden wheelbarrow planter

How to make a wooden wheelbarrow planter

A wooden wheelbarrow planter can be make a perfect accent for your yard or patio. Even though they have been around for years, they still haven’t loss their beautiful charm. You can easily make your own wheelbarrow planter with just a few materials, some basic tools, and a few hours of your time.

The best wood to use for this project is a hardwood. Any hardwood, such as Red Cedar, will simply hold up better in the weather. You will need two pieces that measure approximately one inch by two inches in diameter. These pieces of hardwood will also need to be about thirty inches long. They will be used as the handles for your wooden wheelbarrow planter. Use sand paper or a grinder to round down the square ends of both pieces. Then, measure one and a half inches in on the opposite ends of the hardwood. Use an electric drill with a wood drill bit to carefully make two holes, approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter, through each piece.

Now, you’ll need a two inch by eight inch hardwood board that is approximately eight inches long. On it, use a pencil to draw a five inch in diameter, round, wheel shape. Then, cut the wooden wheel out of the wood using an electric saw. Use an electric drill with a wood drill bit to bore a hole directly in the middle.

The next step is to place the handle pieces together, and, position the round, wooden wheel you just made in between the two pieces. Insert a long, galvanized bolt into the holes and secure it with a galvanized nut. If the wooden wheel wobbles, remove the bolt and nut and add metal spacers on each side of the wheel until the wheel stays straight.

Now, you’ll need two more pieces of hardwood that measure the same one inch by two inches in diameter. You’ll need to make a frame piece that will fit approximately eight inches up from the end of the handles where the holes are drilled. Measure and cut a piece to fit; you’ll need to slant the ends for the piece to fit right. Position the frame piece and secure it onto the frame with galvanized wood screws. Then, measure and cut a second frame piece a little wider than the first. This piece will sit on top of the frame, above the first piece. Secure this piece on with galvanized wood screws too.

The next step in this project is to measure and cut some additional pieces of hardwood. The next two pieces will need to be sixteen inches long and twelve inches wide. These will be used for the sides of the wheelbarrow. You can make the sides fancier by cutting the top to form a fancy pattern, such as scalloping. Or, you can use a wood burner to burn a fancy pattern or a design into the hardwood. Or, if you’re really talented, you can leave the top flat, and draw or stencil designs or patterns on the upper portion of the sides.

Then, you can use an electric saw to cut the designs or patterns out. Measure and cut two more pieces, one for the back of the barrow, and one for the front. Attach the sides, the back, and the front of the barrow together using additional galvanized wood screws. You’ll then need to attach the barrow to the frame so that the front is against the wood frame piece.

Finally, you can either stain, paint, or apply clear varnish to your wooden wheelbarrow planter. After that, it will be ready to fill with flowers to set out in your yard or on your patio.


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