How to make a wind spinner

How to make a wind spinner

Creating your own wind spinner can be a great way to add a bit of color and creativity to your outdoor area. This simple project is perfect for both adults and supervised children! Looking for a creative craft to do with your family? Here it is!

Materials you’ll need:

2 two-liter empty soda bottles
Plastic beads
12-inch piece of heavy wire (the cross piece of a hanger will work great)
An 8-inch piece of cord or ribbon
Hole punch
Needle nose pliers

This project can be done with clear or colored soda bottles. If you want to add your own decorative touch to the plastic try using glass paints!


  • Cut twelve to fourteen strips from the plastic bottles. These strips need to be a half-inch wide and ten inches long.
  • Use your hole punch to make a hole in the center of each strip one-quarter of an inch from the end. Repeat for the other end of each strip. The result will be a hole at each end.
  • With needle nose, pliers make a loop at the bottom of the heavy wire. Thread one bead from the opposite end onto the wire.
  • Place the first plastic strip over the wire, threading the wire through the hole, and add the next bead. Alternate threading beads and strips of plastic until all of the strips have been used.
  • Measure from the bottom loop to the top of your stack of beads and plastic strips. Measure down from the top that same distance adding an inch and a half for the top loop and mark the spot on the wire with the marker. Add beads to fill the wire to just below the mark.
  • Bring the end of the first strip you placed on the wire, which is now on the bottom of the stack, up and threads the wire through the hole at the other end. This should make the strip bow out a bit. Add a bead and then bring the other end of the second strip from the bottom and place it on the wire. Continue adding beads and strips until you have filled the wire. Remember to always use the strip on the bottom of the stack.
  • When all of the strips have been used add a final bead onto the wire. With the needle-nose pliers, form a loop to hang your wind spinner. When making the loop be sure not to push your strips and beads too close together or it will not spin. If you feel it’s too tight, you can always remove the final bead to make a bit more room on the wire.
  • Loop the eight-inch piece of cord in the top loop and fasten it so the spinner can be hung. Gently arrange the strips into a spiral around the wire and find a spot where the wind can catch it.
  • Enjoy watching it a spin.

Want to get more creative? You can add several lengths of ribbon to the bottom loop so that they’ll also catch in the wind. Also, cutting the plastic with decorative edged scissors will give the spinner a more detailed, intricate look. There really is no limit to what you can do with these wind spinners so get creative.

This is a fun project that is given as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just about any time of the year.

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