How to Make a Washcloth Rose

Rose-folded washcloths are ideal decorations for gift packages and shower centerpieces. They are also attractively placed in a planter or vase in a guest bathroom.

Use them to decorate a gift (for example, a towel set or other linens) or use roses made of baby washcloths to adorn a baby gift. Consider covering a diaper cake gift with these roses.

Make a Washcloth Rose

To create a washcloth rose, you will need the following items:

  • washcloth, any pastel or bright color you would like to use for your rose
  • rubber band or safety pin
  • green ribbon
  • optional: green fabric to make leaves
  • optional: another color of ribbon to make a bouquet

To make your rose, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fold the washcloth diagonally to make a triangle.
  2. Place the washcloth on a flat surface so the fold is to the right and the third point is to the left.
  3. Take hold of the bottom corner of the folded washcloth and start to roll it upward, slightly toward the left so you are rolling along the left-hand edge. Make the initial rolls as tight as possible.
  4. When you are almost at the halfway point, start to move to the right as you roll. Make the rolls a little looser from this point.
  5. Continue rolling until the entire washcloth is rolled up.
  6. Use a safety pin or rubber band to hold the loose end in place you will cover or remove this in a little while, so it does not matter how it looks.
  7. With the folded edge still to your right, take hold of the two longest pieces of the roll that are positioned to the left. Pull them downward and outward so you are turning them wrong-side out; curve the ends back up a little bit so they form the outermost petals of the flower.
  8. Pull, roll, and fold the additional pieces to the left until they shape nice petals for the rose.
  9. Halfway down the washcloth, use a green ribbon to tightly tie the rosebud. Use an additional green ribbon to wrap around the base of the flower, covering it to make a stem. You can either cover or remove the pin or rubber band during this step. Tie the green ribbon at the base of the stem. Consider leaving pieces of the ribbon hanging if you want to tie the rose to a package later.
  10. You may tie or glue green fabric leaves to the ribbon at the base of the flower if you like. If you use glue, make sure it does not get on the washcloth.
  11. To make a bouquet, place several flowers together and use a brightly colored ribbon to tie them together with a bow.

For an attractive way to store washcloths in a guest bathroom fold several washcloths into roses, but do not pin them or tie them with ribbon. Simply place a group of them into a decorative basket with the rose buds visible. This display is decorative as well as a convenient way to keep spare washcloths handy.

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