How to make a waitress apron

How to make a waitress apron

Waitresses are often required to furnish their own shoes and aprons when starting a new job. Normally the company offers a place where the aprons can be purchased but the waitress usually isn’t required to shop through that particular store as long as she arrives on time with the proper outfit. Making the aprons is easy and you can do it without a machine if you don’t have one.

Observe the type of material that the other waitresses’ aprons are made of and choose something similar but of the exact same color. Usually, waitress aprons are made of black, thick fabric. Cut a rectangle 25″ long by 14.5″ wide. Cut a second piece 10″ wide by 22″ long. A third piece, just a strip, should be cut 60″ long by 2″ wide.

If you have a machine hem all four sides of both large rectangles. Do this by folding over half an inch then half an inch again. Stitch. Position the smaller of the two rectangles atop the largest one, placing it close to the hem stitches at the bottom of the largest piece. Stitch around the sides and bottom of the smaller piece but leave the top open. You now have one large pocket on the apron.

Section off the apron by stitching from the open edge of the pocket down to the hemmed edge of the pocket. Do this three times. The first section should be only 2″ wide to hold an ink pen or pencil. Measure over 10″ and sew the next seam. This pocket will hold the order book. That leaves another 10″ pocket that can hold tips, mints, or whatever.

Fold the long edges of the strip of fabric under a half-inch each. Now fold the entire strip in half lengthways. Mark the center of the apron as well as the center of the strip. Align the marks placing one half of the folded strip on the backside of the apron waist and the other half of the strip on the front side of the waistband. The edge of the apron waist should be up against the fold of the strip. Stitch, continuing off the apron and onto the tie. Do the other half in the same manner.

If you don’t have a machine you can glue the pieces together with fabric glue. Be sure and read the label and purchase the type of glue that will hold even after laundering. Cut the pieces out and start with the large rectangle. Turn and glue a half-inch fold then fold again and glue once again.

This is the hem of the first rectangle. Do the same to the second. Now position the pocket piece onto the larger piece. Glue one side and the corner at the bottom. Measure over 10 inches and lay a line of glue then finish the line of glue across the bottom to the corner. Lay the pocket piece in the glue. Now make the next line of glue for the next pocket, taking the glue across the bottom to where the other pocket seam is.

Continue this pattern until you have the entire pocket piece, with sections, glued to the front. Fold the edges of the strip and glue. Now fold the strip in half and position it over the edge of the apron waist. Glue across the apron and down into the tie. Allow 24 hours before laundering

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