How to make a tiered cake for beginners

How to make a tiered cake for beginners

Want to try your hand at making a friend’s wedding cake?

It’s not really that big of a deal – it actually looks much harder than it is. You see a gorgeous cake and think that you could never make one that looks like that, but you can. You need two cake mixes unless you’re making the batter from scratch. Oil the pans, place the waxed paper in the bottoms, then oil and flour the waxed paper.

Mix and bake the cakes according to directions, pouring the batter into one large round cake pan, one medium round cake pan, and one small round cake pan. There will be batter leftover – just pour some cupcakes while you’re at it, or pour the remainder in another small round cake pan to give the bride and groom for them to freeze until their first anniversary.

After the cakes are done, remove and let cool completely. Turn the largest cake onto a paper doily which has been placed on the cake plate, then frost as usual, but only the base layer of frosting. Work with the frosting until it is spread smoothly and evenly. Now turn the medium-sized cake out on to a separate plate, and use a spatula to pick up the cake and place it on top of the first cake, taking care to place it in the center.

Turning the cake out of the pan onto the large cake can be disastrous if the cake doesn’t fall into the proper position. Frost the second layer, then turn the small pan out onto a plate. Pick the last cake up and place it on top of the medium cake, then frost. The cakes can be made just as easily with square or rectangular pans, then stacked and iced. Other shapes, like a heart, can be used, especially for the top tier.

Put in some practice with decorating tools before trying to make flowers and other decorations for the cake. You can practice on cardboard or cakes for the family. When you’re confident about your talent for decorating, you’ll be ready to do a wedding cake. Even if you don’t think you’re expert enough yet with the decorating portion of the cake, you can still make tiered iced cakes for friends and family. And frosting kits make it easy to decorate. Just push the plunger on most of them and the frosting comes out already shaped. Or, purchase icing in a tube and use it for writing or outlining.

Cakes can have many tiers, but the higher you stack them, the riskier it gets. Stacking the cakes high can cause them to lean, can cause the small ones to fall off, or the weight of the upper cakes can cause the lower ones to cave in. That’s why some people use a small cake plate for stacking additional tiers. You can buy pillars for the cake at a craft store or a place that sells cake decorating supplies.

The pillars are used to hold a plate, which then holds the additional tier. Make your own designs using different amounts of tiers, pillars for stacking more, and keep working with the frosting talents until you have it down pat.

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