How to make a table leaf cover

How to make a table leaf cover

Having an extra leaf or two for your table is great when you have a large crowd but not so great when it’s not needed. If you have a leaf to your table that rarely gets used you may have noticed that it’s tended to get scratched and marred in the past. You can protect it by making a pouch to slide it in when not in use. Purchase a yard or so of fabric and some velcro and you’re almost done.

There are many fabrics that are suitable for the project. Something thick like denim, corduroy, flannel, cotton or even vinyl will work well. Vinyl is especially protective although it’s much more difficult to sew with a regular home machine. Launder fabric before starting the project. Measure the width and length of the table. Add three inches to the width measurement. Double the length measurement and add nine inches. Cut one piece of cloth to these specifications. Cut a second piece of cloth to the same measurements. This second piece will be the inside of the bag. The inside cloth can be the same or different from the outside fabric.

Place both rectangular pieces of fabric, right sides together, under the presser foot. Sew around the perimeter taking a half inch seam. The best method is to start from about a third of the way across the bottom to the corner. Now sew the rest of the way around, ending a third of the way across the opposite bottom end. Turn the cloth pieces right side out and stitch shut at bottom staying very near the edge and backstitching on each end.

Decide which fabric, if using two different types, will be the outside. Fold the cloth almost in half, with right sides together, leaving one side six inches longer than the other side. Pin the sides together. Place one end of one side under the presser foot. Stitch an inch or so then backstitch. Sew to the end of the side of the pouch. Do the same to the other side. Turn the pouch right side out. Slip the leaf into the pouch. Fold the flap over and mark where the edges of the flap meet the body of the pouch. Make three marks: one on each end and one in the center.

Remove the leaf from the pouch and sew velcro onto the marked places. Start by pinning the velcro in place at each mark on the flap. Position the velcro to where only an inch or so is sewn to the flap and the rest remains dangling from the edge. Sew each piece of velcro around three sides rather than down the center of it. Do this to all three pieces. Now sew the opposing velcro pieces to the body of the pouch. These pieces should be aligned with the marks. Instead of using velcro you can also make the pouch with drawstrings.

Now when your extra table leaf isn’t in use you can simply slide it into the pouch, velcro or tie the strings, and store it safely away.

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