How to make a styrofoam snowman

How to make a styrofoam snowman

When the winter winds blow through your town bringing cold weather, snow, and ice this year be prepared. Getting stuck inside can be boring, boring, boring for kids. Buy the materials for this fun and easy winter craft project and save it for some snowy day. They’ll have so much fun making the little snowman that they won’t even remember that the crummy weather that is keeping them stuck in the house.


1 3 inch Styrofoam ball

1 2 inch Styrofoam ball
1 2 inch Styrofoam ball
10 or more small black pom-poms or black felt
1 orange pipe cleaner or chenille stem
4 toothpicks
Tacky glue
Serrated knife

How to: step by step instructions

The Styrofoam ball will be stacked in order from biggest (on the bottom) to smallest (on the top). Take the largest, 3 inch ball and cut it with the serrated knife to even it out on the bottom. The ball needs to be flat on the bottom in order to stand up.
Stand the 3 inch ball on its flat side. The top side of the snowman should still be rounded. Right in the middle of the dome, stick a toothpick about halfway into the Styrofoam ball. Leave half of the toothpick sticking out.

Take the 2 ½ inch Styrofoam ball and stack it on top of the 3 inch ball, piercing it on the bottom with the toothpick. One toothpick should be holding the 3 inch and the 2 ½ inch ball together.

Now stick the second toothpick about halfway down into the top of the 2 ½ inch ball, leaving approximately one-half sticking out of the ball.
Slide the 2 inch ball on top of the 2 ½ inch ball using the toothpick to hold them together, just as you did the first time. The snowman’s body is now put together. All you need now is the face and arms.

The little black pom-poms are going to act as the row of buttons going down the middle of the 2 ½ inch ball. If you do not have pom-poms you can use little circles of black felt. The felt buttons don’t all need to be exactly the same size but try to keep them similar. Next glue the pom-poms or circles in a straight line down the front and middle of the snowman’s middle section. Then glue two more circles or pom-poms to his face to be the eyes. Use at least 5 pom-poms or felt circles lined up in an upward cure to create a smiling mouth.

Cut down the piece of orange pipe cleaner until it is about one-half of an inch long. Push one end through the Styrofoam leaving plenty of it sticking out so that his carrot nose is visible.

There is one thing left to do. Give your snowman some arms. Take the last two toothpicks and stick them into the right and left side of the snowman’s middle section. Instead of leaving the arms sticking straight out vertically where they might poke someone, position the toothpicks at an angle so that the sharp end not inside the ball is sticking upward toward the ceiling.

To make this snowman even more fun, you can add a couple of additional steps. First paint each ball in glue and then roll each in a tray of white glitter. Let them dry and then follow steps 1-8 above. Or, you can make your snowman a little scarf and ear muffs out of spare fabric and other materials. If your Frosty gets lonely, make him a wife with the same materials, just use yarn as her hair.

To make this snowman

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