How to make a star-shaped pillow

How to make a star-shaped pillow

Don’t settle for plain old square, round or rectangular throw pillows when you can make a simple but unique star-shaped pillow from a few scraps of fabric. Most any fabric will do, but the softer, more pliable fabrics will be much easier to work with. Velvet, velour, faux fur, or just plain cotton fabric will work great. Cut 15 squares for each pillow, and make each square 5″ X 5″. It’s important with this project to make sure the squares are exact. Arrange 4 of the squares in a block shape, flat on a table, right side down.

After placing four squares together, spread the two bottom squares apart somewhat and slide the 5th square into place, corner inward. Pin the squares together before sewing. Arrange another set of 5 squares the same way, and pin. For the 5 squares which are left, sew them together by laying one on top of the other, right sides together, then stitching across the corner. Open these two squares up, lay another square face down on top of the second square and again, sew the two squares across the corner. Do this until all 5 of the squares are strung together by their corners, making a chain of squares.

To sew the pillow, take a quarter-inch seam at each place where one square joins another, or where you have them pinned. It will be difficult to get really close to the center, which will be over 5 layers when completed, but get as close as you can. After stitching the 5 pieces together, lay this star shape aside and sew the other star shape. When you have both star-shaped sides done, place them right sides together. Get the corner end of the chain of squares, right side in, and pin it, between the two-star shapes.

Go around the pillow with this chain, pinning it to the two star-shaped sides, at each intersection. Take quarter inch seams all the way around until you have only one square left that hasn’t been sewn shut. Leave this square open for turning and stuffing. Set aside and do the second pillow in the same manner. When turning the pillows, use a chopstick or similar implement for poking the fabric out from the corners, to give the star its definitive points.

After turning the pillow, stuff it with cotton for a very firm feel, or foam for a softer touch. Hand stitch the opening shut. You can have the buttons made at an upholstery shop by simply taking a couple of squares of the fabric to a local upholstery for covering in matching cloth. You can also use store-purchased buttons or even pom-poms for the center of the pillow.

It’s important to put some type of button or embellishment in the center of the pillow since it’s nearly impossible to get the pillow closed completely and a small hole, where the squares all join, will show. To attach the buttons, use a heavyweight thread and an extra-long needle. Put the needle through the first button, and then remove the thread from the needle. Re-thread the needle with both ends of thread going through this time, and push the needle and thread from the front side to the back.

Now remove the needle and slide the second button onto the thread. Grab both ends of the thread, allowing the button to drop down to the center of the pillow, and tie the thread into a slip knot. Slide the thread down, pulling both buttons taut and clipping the threads. You can also make a larger pillow, for throwing by the fireplace, by using 7″ X 7″ squares, or larger, in place of the 5″ ones. Vinyl can be cut out in a star shape then glued onto the bottom of the fireplace pillow for better wear.

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