How to make a standing card holder

How to make a standing card holder

Over the years the average person receives dozens and dozens of greeting cards. At best they’re usually thrown in a shoebox and forgotten. Instead of throwing greeting cards in a box, make a stand to show them off then neatly fold it up for storage. The stand is made from cardboard, you decide how large. Tri-fold the cardboard or buy a science project board that is pre-folded and just the right size.

Use glue or fusible webbing to attach cloth to the board. Cut two thin strips of material and attach them to the side edges. For non-folding boards, cut one piece of cloth, wrap completely around the board and fuse. Folding boards are done in three pieces, one for each section of the board. Cut the pieces with an inch allowance on the length and sides.

Fuse each section separately beginning with the center. Start at the back bottom edge and work your way to the front side then back to the starting point. Overlap the edges at the folds of the cardboard. In place of cloth, you can use wallpaper, adhesive shelf paper, or even wrapping paper. Or just paint the board in a bright color and attach the elastic strips.

Use elastic to make a criss-cross pattern that will hold the pictures in place. Regular elastic, colored elastic or stretchable lace are all choices for making the cris-crosses. Use tacks or glue to attach the elastic pieces to the board. Place one end of elastic at the edge of the top of the first section of the board. Cross the board and affix the opposite end of the elastic to about the center edge. Now use another piece to start at the top and cross over the first piece. Use a tack or glue to attach the end of the second piece. Each section will have two giant “X’s” made from elastic pieces, although you can make more “X’s” to hold more cards. As a matter of fact, you can put elastic and tacks or glue on the back to make the standing cardholder two-sided.

The “X’s” serve to hold the cards in place. Tuck the cards between the elastic and the cardboard for display. You can make a banner for the top of the board to commemorate a baby’s birth or an anniversary.

When the cards have been on display for some time, you might want to store them by simply folding the tri-fold cardboard display and tucking it away in a closet or under a bed. This way all the cards received on that particular occasion are in the same place and can be taken out and viewed whenever you want.

The stretch cord can be used in place of the flat elastic or you can purchase elastic in various colors. Using something stretchy helps to keep the cord from breaking when cards are placed in or taken off of the board. But, you can use ribbon or other strips to make the cris-crosses. Non-stretchable notions must be pulled tight before attaching to guarantee the card staying in place.

The stretch cord

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