How to make a stained glass mosaic

Stained glass mosaics can transform any craft project or home decor item into a beautiful piece of artwork. They are rather simple to create but look so sophisticated everyone will be amazed you created the project yourself. Craft stores sell a large variety of stained glass chips, already cut into small shapes. Your choices are endless as to what you can create with these mosaics.

You may use any surface for the base of the stained glass mosaic. The base is the object to which the stained glass chips and grout are applied. Any type of wood, clay pots, and even glass may be used. These mosaics can be used for indoor or outdoor projects. Below is the list of supplies you will need to create a stained glass mosaic project.

All the supplies may be found in any major arts and craft store.

  1. Surface of your choice
  2. Stained glass chips, colors of your choice
  3. Glass glue
  4. Mosaic grout
  5. Disposable gloves
  6. Sponge
  7. Tile nippers (optional)
  8. Sealer for outdoor use if applicable

Step One. Wipe your base surface clean to remove any dust and dirt.
Make sure the surface is completely dry before beginning the project.

Step Two. Determine the layout of the stained glass pieces.
You can find designs in books or by searching the Internet. Many online craft sites have mosaic projects to give you ideas and patterns to follow. The glass pieces can be arranged to depict pictures such as fruit, animals, etc. You can create your own designs just by randomly placing the glass chips on your surface also.

Move the pieces around until you are happy with the design. The glass chips can be used straight from the package or you can cut them to fit your pattern. They can be cut to the desired size with tile nippers. Use caution when cutting the glass so you do not cut yourself. It is recommended you wear gloves and safety glasses when using the tile nippers.

If your surface is round such as a clay pot or vase you will have to plan your project out on paper or follow a pattern. Also, a round surface will require the glass pieces to be small so they will fit evenly and firmly on the ground surface. For all surfaces make sure to leave at least 1/8 inch between the glass pieces for the grout.

Step Three. Glue the stained glass pieces to your surface.
Once you are happy with the design lift each piece of glass separately and place a small amount of glass glue on the back. Press firmly onto your surface. Make sure you use glue made for glass or your pieces will not adhere properly. Allow the glue to dry about four hours before proceeding with the project.

Step Four. Mix and apply the grout to your project.
Mix the grout according to the instructions on the package. It should be a fudge-like consistency. If you would like a custom color of grout a small amount of acrylic paint may be mixed in the grout. Wearing the disposable gloves rub the grout onto the entire surface, pressing down between the glass pieces. Make sure all gaps are filled in with the grout.

Let the project dry for fifteen minutes. Using a damp sponge wipe the grout off of the stained glass pieces. Make sure to remove all grout from the glass. Do not wait more than 15 minutes to wipe off the grout or it will harden and you will not be able to remove it from the glass. Let your project dry for 24 hours before handling it. If it is an object to be placed outdoors apply a sealer made specifically for outdoor use and let dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.

There is no limit to what you can create with stained glass mosaics. A few items that can be decorated with these mosaics are tables, trays, candle holders, ornaments, picture frames, birdbaths, plant pots, vases, and stepping stones. Any of these items can spice up your decor and will also make a great hand made gift for someone special.

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