How to Make a Spoon Display Case

How to Make a Spoon Display Case

Spoon display racks have been in existence for many years, holding all types of spoons that collectors cherish. Probably the most popular type of spoon to collect, is the fifty-piece set that represents each state in the United States. Vacationers also often bring a souvenir spoon home from their recent trip.

A handmade spoon rack would make a great gift to a loved one for practically any occasion. Or it could be a “just because” gift. A good-quality rack will be cherished, and it can be passed down from generation to generation. If you want to build your own spoon display rack all you’ll need is some wood, good-quality wood glue, and some basic tools.

The first step is to decide how your rack is going to look. What type of wood do you want to use? How many spoons do you want it to hold? How fancy do you want the wood backing to be? Take out a pencil and paper, or use a computer program to design the back of the rack. The top, for example, can be a delicately beveled design. Or, the top and the bottom can be designed with fancy cut outs, the choice is yours. If your spoon rack is going to display fifty spoons that represent each state of the union, you might choose to cut out an outline of the United States at the top, for another example.

The second step is to get a piece of wood, either Oak, Cherry, Maple, or even Pine. Then, lay the piece of wood out so the grain runs north to south. Measure out the piece you need, and set the remainder of the wood aside for now. Cut the wood out with a band saw, scroll saw, or other suitable cutting machine. Then, cut out any designs that you want in the top or bottom of the rack.

The third step in this project is to make the holders for the spoons. To do this, you’ll need to measure and cut out the number of holders that you need. Each holder will need to be the width of the back of the rack, and about an inch wide. Each holder will then need to be marked so you can use a band saw or scroll saw to cut out the individual spoon holders. Each spoon will hang in its holder, and be held in place by it thin neck. Therefore, you’ll need to make a hole of sorts into the wood each place where you want a spoon to hang. Repeat this process with all of the spoon holders.

The fourth step is to start positioning the spoon holders where you want them to be. Keep in mind that the holders need to be far enough apart so that the spoons can fit properly above each other. Then, use the good-quality wood glue to secure each spoon holder into place onto the backboard. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the container in order to use the product properly. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before you proceed onto the next step.

Finally, you’ll need to stain your spoon display rack in whatever finish you choose. After that, you can apply a clear coat of varnish to it, if you wish. The clear coat will help to protect the surface of the wood, especially if the spoon rack is going to be hung up in the kitchen area.

After the stain and the clear coat of varnish dry thoroughly, the last step is to place a holder on the back of your spoon display rack so it can be hung up on a wall.

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