How to make a soap cutter

How to make a soap cutter

All soap comes out of a soap mold hardened. It is now ready to cut and cure. To cut the soap into individual bars you will need to decide what size bars you want. The thickness is usually about ¾ inch to one inch thick. If you are using a soap mold for smaller four to five-pound batches of soap, it will be easy to cut your soap. You can use a miter box, but a cutter you make yourself will work very well.

Some cutters have a wire that is pulled tight across two pieces of wood. Another type of cutter is much easier to make. It is the type where you set your soap loaf into a box that has a bottom and two sides. At one end of the box, there is a piece of lumber that you push your soap loaf up to. It is attached with pins so the end can be removed to take out your cut bar of soap. One inch behind that end, on the side pieces of lumber, are slits where a soap cutter goes down into the soap loaf, sort of guillotine style. this enables you to cut equal-sized pieces of soap.

Material needed:

One-one by eight twenty inches long
Two-one by fours eighteen inches long
One-one by four six inches long


Attach the sides to the bottom, somewhere near the middle of the bottom, making the inside dimensions about one inch wider than your four-pound soap loaf. Your soap loaf will easily slide through the box. The sides of the cutter should have a slit cut near the same end as the closed-end piece, equal to whatever thickness you want your soap bars to be.

The other end of the box will remain open. The slits should go completely through the sides, to the bottom piece, so you can cut your bars completely through. All of the lumber can be attached to each other using wood glue. These slits are for your metal soap cutter to slide through, keeping your individual bars uniform in thickness.

Put the soap loaf in the box. Push the loaf to the end of the three-sided box, past the slits. The closed-end will hold it steady while you cut your bars. To cut your bars, a knife can be used or you can purchase a metal soap cutter with a wooden handle. A crinkle cutter can be used also, but only if the slits are large enough to accommodate it.

Other soap cutters use wire to cut the soap. If you use wire, it will have to be a very strong wire, such as aircraft wire, or guitar wire. It will have to be stretched tight enough to withstand the hardened soap being pushed through and cutter. Decide on how thick you want your soap bars and place the wire accordingly. Stretch it between two side pieces of a three-sided box. You can get the wire very tight by putting the ends of the wire through an eye bolt that is attached to the outside of the box sides, and turning the eye bolt till the wire is very tight.

For larger soap blocks you will need a press to cut your soap into bars or a larger soap cutter. Blocks of soap are heavy and hard to handle. If you are making handcrafted soap by yourself and don’t want to wear yourself out by lifting heavy soap blocks, then plan on making smaller soap loaves that are about four to five pounds in weight. These will be easier to cut.

For larger soap blocks
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