How to make a snow globe

How to make a snow globe

Snow globes are fun and easy to make and are good decorations or gifts for the holidays. You can even use small ones as name tags on presents. You can make snow globes for any occasion or holiday; just alter what you use to create your scene. You can also choose the size of the globe you make by deciding what kind of a jar you will use.

What you will need:

A glass jar with a tight fitting lid – look for baby food jars for smaller globes, pickle jars for larger globes. You can make very large globes if you can find the bulk economy size glass jars. With this size jar you can create quite a scene!

Waterproof glue – superglue is a good idea.


Liquid dish soap

Aluminum foil or white plastic – for the white plastic, check out product packaging you would normally throw away, such as empty plastic milk cartons or liquid laundry detergent bottles.

Whatever items you need to create your scene. Check at craft and hobby stores for miniatures.

What to do:

Make sure the jar and lid are very clean – remove labels and any food residue.

Using the inside of the lid, glue the items you have chosen to create your scene, into place and set aside to dry.

Take the aluminum foil or white plastic and begin cutting very small pieces. The bigger your globe is, the more snow you will need. You should make sure you have at least enough that it will totally cover the lid once the snow settles.

Add your snow to the glass jar once the scene on the lid is dry. Pour in water and a little squeeze of dish soap – this helps keep the snow from floating instead of falling. Put the lid on tightly and make sure you don’t have any leaks! Your globe is done!

For an added special effect, try adding different color glitter to go with your snow, or look at party stores for the foil confetti. Depending on what your scene is, you can change your “snow” to go along with it. If you are doing a Halloween or Thanksgiving scene, look for foil leaf confetti in fall colors. For Easter look for foil flower confetti. There are many different possibilities, all of which you can use to create your one of a kind original snow globe.

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