These handmade Christmas cards are fun to make and send. They are sure to receive comments from your friends and family as you wish them good cheer during the holidays.

A clear panel in the front of the card contains free-moving, shimmering snow and glitter. The inside of the card displays the image or message of your choice, viewed through the festive snowfall.

What you will need:

  • Blank note cards or card stock folded into note cards
  • Double sided scotch-style tape
  • Exacto or other craft knife
  • Transparent cellophane sheets
  • Silver glitter
  • Snowflake or other holiday confetti

Making the cards:

  • Determine what picture or message you would like to display on the inside of the snow globe; it should fit inside a circle approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Great ideas for images inside the snow globe include family portraits, baby pictures, pet photos, or any Christmas icons.
  • To create the interior picture, either use a computer printer to print directly on the inside of the note cards; alternately print out an image on other paper and use double-sided tape or a glue stick to adhere the image to the inside of each card.
  • Using an extra card or a spare piece of cardstock to make a pattern, cut around the circular image with the Exacto knife. This cut-out will be used to cut a hole in the front portion of each note card.
  • Unfold a card; use the cut-out pattern as a stencil over the front of the card and with a pencil lightly draw the outline of the image.
  • Use the Exacto knife making sure to work over a proper cutting surface to cut out the circle from the front piece of the card. Remove and discard the circle.
  • Use the circle to cut 2 squares of clear cellophane about an inch larger than the cut-out circle for each card. You may also use iridescent or transparent colored cellophane for different looks.
  • Open the card so you can work on the inside of the front of the card.
  • Place strips of double-sided tape around the cut-out circle, creating a square of 4 pieces of tape on the inside of the card.
  • Lay one piece of the cellophane across the cutout circle, so it is adhered to the inside of the card front by the tape.
  • Place 4 new pieces of tape, aligned over the original tape positions.
  • Sprinkle glitter and confetti onto the center of the cellophane, avoiding the tape.
  • Place the second piece of cellophane over the first, using the tape to adhere to it.
  • Fold your card closed and shake. The glitter and confetti should move freely in between the two cellophane layers, creating a snow globe effect.

Your snow globe card is complete. Add extras to it by the printing or drawing a snow globe base and outline on the front of the card. You may also want to add other images or messages to the front or interior.

Your snow globe

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