How to make a skyscraper cake

How to make a skyscraper cake

A skyscraper cake is a unique way of celebrating a new business or even a new apartment. It takes lots of cake mix to make one, along with icing, cereals, and candies to decorate. You’ll need five cake mixes – alike or different, spreadable frosting, square cereal such as Chex.

You’ll also need lots of Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies, along with a few M&M;’s. For the tower, you’ll need a small bowl and the top off of a can of spray-cheese, along with a colored toothpick.

For bakeware, you’ll need three 9″X12″ cake pans and four 9″X9″ pans. Reuse the pans if you don’t have enough. Foil disposable pans are inexpensive and make the job easier. Cover a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil or use another base for the building. A giant platter with handles for carrying is perfect. Even better, place the cake on a table with butcher paper and draw streets around the building. Lay down banners of Caution: Construction” and place people and cars around on sidewalks.

Bake, cool and place one large cake on the base. Frost the cake and press Rice Krispies all over it. The sides are tricky. Use plastic gloves and press handfuls of the cereal into the sides. Or cover a spatula with foil, place cereal on it and press it into the sides of the cake. Place M&M;’s around the perimeter of the cake, where it meets the foil.

Stand the M&M;’s on their side and place them side-by-side. Remove the second 9″X12″ cake from the pan. Cut one inch off of each side of the cake and stack it onto the first cake. Frost it and cover with Cocoa Krispies. When the cake is covered align M&M;’s around the base where it meets the first cake.

Remove the next large cake from the pan and cut two inches off of each side. Place it on top of the other two cakes. Ice and press the cereal into the cake as before, this time using the regular Rice Krispies. Now you should have one layer of regular, one cocoa, and another layer of regular Rice Krispies.

Remove the four square cakes from their pans after cooled. Stack the first one on the large cake, ice, and place another. Don’t forget to outline the bottom edge of the first square cake with the M&M;’s. Continue placing the square cakes on top of the stack, spreading frosting between each. After all, the square cakes are stacked ice them all with chocolate icing. Align the Chex cereal squares on the four square cakes to form windows. Make seven rows of five windows each.

Around the edge of the top cake place M&M;’s around the perimeter. Now turn a small bowl upside-down on top and cover with icing. Outline the top edge with M&M;’s. Place the cheese lid on top but don’t cover with icing. Instead, spread a small amount on top of the lid and outline the edge with M&M;’s. Stick a toothpick in the center, in the icing.

Around the edge

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