How to make a skirt out of a curtain

How to make a skirt out of a curtain

Often when a certain design of clothing goes out of style it’s left in the wardrobe to grow older even if it’s in good shape. If a particular style does comes back in it’s usually done in a different type of fabric or patterns making it impossible to resurrect the old to wear like new.

You’ve probably wondered what to do with all those out-of-style skirts that are hanging in your closet. Get them out and make curtains. The fabulous thing about making curtain skirts is that not only are they unique but the hems and rod pockets are already in place.

For a small window start with one skirt and cut both sides seams out of it. The easiest way to do this, especially for full skirts, is to cut along one side of the seam then go back and cut beside the other side of the seam, all the way up to the waistband. Now align the two edges and trim evenly. If there’s only one side seam cut it off and cut on the fold all the way up the other side. This will give you the two curtain panels. Pull the elastic out if possible. You will have a raw edge on each side of the waistband where it was cut. Tuck these inside the waistband. It’s such a tiny amount of fabric in a little space so it’s nearly impossible to stitch. Use a dab of fabric glue instead to hold the raw edge inside the hem.

If the elastic is stitched into the waistband it’s necessary to cut the stitches then remove it. After doing this you then have to put the hem back into the waistband. Before hanging the skirt curtains check the length requirements. You might need to remove some excess fabric from the waistband before hemming it again.

Use short skirts to make valances instead of curtains. Add lace to the hem if you need extra length. Cut some off the length of waistband if needed. Combine the longer skirts for curtains while using the shorter skirts as valances.

Use several long skirts to cover a larger window. Since you probably don’t have identical skirts the best way to get a great look is to use four to six skirts and gather them together on the rod. The skirts can have similar colors or just go bold and choose six different designs to hang together. The skirts need to be similar in length but adjustments can be made by cutting off some of the waistbands then sewing it back into a rod pocket.

A different look for the window is to start in the middle with two short skirts. Add two longer skirts, one on each side of the short skirts. Finally add two even longer skirts, one on each side of the second set.

For French doors and doors with many small windows cut the waistband out of both skirts. Measure the window to see how much length you’ll need. Divide the intended length by two and cut this amount from each skirt. Sew the sections together to make one long panel. Make a tie-back for these curtains so the seam across the middle remains unseen. To make the tie-back wrap a tape measure around the center of the curtain.

Pull the tape measure to the desired size of the tie-back. Use this measurement to cut the length of the tie-back. Decide on how wide you want the tie-back to be then cut that measurement, on the fold. This should give you the proper length and twice the width. Fold the fabric, right sides together, and stitch all but one short end. Turn fabric right side out and stitch closed. Use a small piece of velcro to keep the tie-back in place.

Pull the tape measure

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