How to make a simple spa wrap at home

How to make a simple spa wrap at home

If you’re like some people, one size fits all simply doesn’t fit. Apparel such as spa wraps are often made one size and although they fit certain people perfectly, they can be either huge – or not large enough – for some women. Making your own spa wrap assures that you’ll have a perfect, comfortable fit. Most spa wraps are made from a terry cloth fabric, which breaths and also absorbs perspiration when in a spa. Wraps are generally about 32″ long, but you can make yours longer or shorter, depending upon your height.

For a woman, measure the upper body, all the way around, just under the armpit area. Cut this piece an extra 6″, to allow for the elastic. After cutting the fabric on the fold, you’ll end up with one solid piece of fabric. Fold the fabric over ½”, then again, 2″. Hem the piece, then turn the fabric around to get ready for the elastic. The elastic should be 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide. Fold the terry cloth over 1/2″ then fold again, 2″, all the way across the top, and pin.

Place terry cloth under the presser foot of the sewing machine, the wrong side up, and slide the elastic under the foot. The elastic should lay right at the edge of the folded-down terry cloth. Put the needle down to hold the elastic and cloth in place. Gently stretch the elastic, holding the needle and bobbin threads as you take off. After getting a good start, gently tug the elastic as you place it around the top of the spa wrap. After your elastic is in, sew a side seam, and you’re done.

Some people find it difficult to sew the elastic in at the same time they’re sewing them top hem. If this is the case for you, sew the hem around the top of the spa wrap, then attach a safety pin to the elastic, and feed it through the hem. After getting the elastic through, make your side seam, being sure to catch both pieces of elastic at the same time.

There are other designs you can do, such as one which buttons, instead of having the elastic in the top. They are made basically the same way, but you’ll add a button and elastic loop instead. When making this style, allow enough fabric to wrap around yourself once, then another fourth. It helps to wrap the cloth around you, just for calculations, since this style might appear wrapped enough at the top, but the split can pull apart too far for comfort when bending or sitting.

After sewing the bottom hem, hem one side edge, then hem the top edge. Wrap the towel around you to measure for a good fit, then mark where you’ll need the button and the loop. Make a loop from a 1/2″ wide, 3″ piece of elastic, and tack it to the top corner of the wrap. Sew across it once, back up, then sew across it again. The size of the loop will depend on the size of the button, so adjust for this, if necessary. Hand stitches the button on the wrap by using double-thickness cotton thread.

Start from underneath the wrap, go up through a buttonhole, then back down, repeating this process until the button is well attached. To secure the button, come back through the bottom, but instead of going through the hole of the button, bring the needle up under the button. Wrap the thread around, underneath the button, three times. Take the needle back down to the underside of the cloth and take a couple of small stitches, inserting the needle through the loop of the thread, right before the loop closes, to form a knot.

For a men’s spa wrap, measure from the waistline to about knee level. Hem the garment, then attach either elastic or button and loop. Spa wraps can be made for children, too. When making spa wraps, be sure and choose a light color of terry cloth, such as white, yellow, or pink, and check the fabric for thickness.

If it seems very thin, it might not make an appropriate spa wrap, since, after a few washes, the garment can become even thinner. Paying a little extra money for a high -quality fabric will make for a spa wrap that will last for years.

If it seems very thin

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