How to make a simple needle holder

How to make a simple needle holder

For those of you who sew, embroider, or do any sort of craft projects that involve needles – you know what a safety hazard needles can be. They’re small, not always easy to see, and sharp. This simple needle holder will keep the sharp edges away from hands and keep the needles in a safe place.

Materials you will need:

Felt in your choice of colors

Embroidery floss in a shade that matches your felt
A Needle to use
Your needle supply (to fill the holder)


To begin, you will need 3 layers of felt. You may choose to use the same color for all 3 layers, 3 different colors, or 2 colors for the outside and a different color for the middle layer. Choose a shape, and cut the 3 layers of into that shape – each piece should be the exact same size. Make your shape no smaller than 4″x4″, but you can make it as large as you feel needed to hold the amount of needles you have.

After you have cut your felt into the desired shape, thread your needle with embroidery floss. At the top of the shape, bring the needle down through the 3 layers of felt and back up about 1 centimeter away. Knot the floss and tie into a bow to secure the 3 layers of felt together. You should now have 3 layers of felt that you can flip through, like a book.

Place your needles into the middle layer of felt, drawing them down into the layer and then back up. The outer layers of felt will act as a protective barrier from the sharp point on the needles – and you will now know where to locate a needle anytime you are working on a project.

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