How to make a shower curtain from a sheet

How to make a shower curtain from a sheet

Are you flabbergasted by the prices of store-bought shower curtains? Are you entirely too creative to find the shower curtain you’ve dreamed of in a generic home décor store? It is easier than you may think to make your own bathroom shower curtain. You need only a few materials to get started.

Assemble the following items to begin the process of making your own shower curtain:

  1. Five yards of any plain fabric measuring 54″ in width- You will need extra fabric if it is patterned in order to match up the pattern on the different panels.
  2. Thread- It can be matching or, for added interest, contrasting.
  3. Store bought shower curtain liner
  4. Twelve curtain rings
  5. Grommets (optional)- Make sure these are large enough for your rings!

Before you begin, it is imperative that you wash the fabric first. This allows for shrinkage. I have found that a poly-cotton blend fabric is best because it needs little ironing.

The standard shower curtain is 72”x 72”. This will fit most shower/bathtub combinations. Shower stalls will have a smaller width, so measure your stall and subtract accordingly throughout this tutorial. Since your fabric is 54” wide, you will need two panels of fabric to create the width of your shower curtain. Cut two panels of 88” length each (72” finished length + 8” for each hem). Split one panel directly in half- one for each side of the center panel.

Pin the right sides of each half of the split panel to the right side edges of the full-sized panel. If your fabric has a pattern, make sure that the patterns line up on the panels. Stitch the three panels together. Finish the seams by zigzagging the hems- you don’t want them to unravel in the wash!

The next step is to cut your panel to size. The width should be cut to 80” (72” finished + 4” for seam allowances on each side). The length should be cut to 88” (72” length + 8” on each end for seam allowances). The easiest way to make straight angles is to use at-square, which is available at your local fabric store.

On each end (lengthwise), measure eight inches for the seam and iron it into a crease. Fold four inches back to meet the crease and iron that crease as well. You are creating a finished double-thick hem that is four inches wide. Repeat this procedure on the sides of the curtain, except with a four-inch starting hem and a two-inch doubled, finished hem. Stitch all four hems.

The final step is to put buttonholes or grommets in the top hem to accommodate your curtain rings. The first and last should be three inches from the ends of the curtain. The interior buttonholes/grommets should have six inches separating them. Use the purchased shower rings to hang your brand new curtain and its liner.

You now have a unique, creative, cheap alternative to the store-bought shower curtain. Why not use this as a starting place to redecorate your bathroom? A fresh coat of paint and some new towels will make it a completely different place!

You now have a unique

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