How to make a seashell desk organizer

Are you crazy about seashells?

Do you have shell rugs, shell soap dishes, and shell magnets? Well, here’s one more shell collectible that’s easily made by yourself in very little time. Any piece of wood will do, as long as it’s flat and won’t take up too much space on your desk, but certain shells have to be included to make this project work. Paint your wood piece any color you’d like, but blue or white are perfect or leave the wood natural.

You can also use some fishnet for the bottom of the wood. The fishnet can be dyed or natural and can hang off around the edges somewhat. Paint both halves of a clamshell, inside and out, or leave natural, if desired. After the paint has dried well, glue the set of clamshells, hinged side down, to the wood. The shells need to be fairly large and separated somewhat at the top.

These two shells serve as the letter holder, so make them far apart if you want to hold lots of mail, closer together if you expect to have just a couple of letters in the mail holder at once. If you have enough space, you can make two sets of the letter holders, one for incoming mail and one for outgoing mail.

For the paper clip holder, paint half of a large clamshell and glue it, rounded side down, to the wood. You can embellish the paper clip holder by gluing a strand of tiny baby faux pearls around the edge. This can also be done to edges of the shells used to make the letter holder. Other decorations you can use around the edge of the paper clip holder are gold glitter or tiny rhinestones or beads. The paper clip holder can be used to hold change or even thumbtacks.

For a pen holder, choose a shell with an opening the approximate size of the pen nib. The shape of the shell doesn’t really matter, but the shell will have to be glued, opening side up, to the board. Before gluing the shell down, hold the shell onto the board or a flat surface and balance the pen in the shell opening. Make sure it will stay before affixing the shell to the wood.

If your wood piece is large enough, you can have 2 or 3 shells for pen holders. One can hold your pen, one can hold a pencil and one can hold a marker. Be sure and check each shell to see that the pencil or marker will fit. Depending upon the size of the wood, you can make a spot for cd ROMs, too. Just align several long, thin shells in a row, allowing enough space for each room to slide into place. You can also make a place for a notepad or even an ashtray.

Use some small rope of brown, tan, or black to decorate the project. Hot glue the rope around the edges of the wood piece, and then snake it in and out around the shells. Gather up some tiny shells in different shapes and lay them on the newspaper. Spray paint the shells any color or colors that you wish. After they’re dry, sprinkle the tiny shells around the bottom of the wood piece.

You can also use the tiny shells in place of the rope, to make a border for the wood. You can further embellish the project by gluing tiny starfish, seahorses, or other unique shells. Use a clear, spray-on polyurethane to finish the project. Let the craft dry completely and place on your desk or night stand for holding mail, change, paperclips, pens, pencils, and more.

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